Looking for some advice for Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Looking for some advice for Guard

    Never thought I would make a topic like this, I feel horrible, but I have an arranged 1000pt match against guard tomorrow, and I have no idea what I'm going to do against his list.

    So first my list - I can't make any changes to it (this is not exact just from the top of my head)

    w/ rjb, punisher, shadow field, drugs,

    7 RJB
    w/ Succubus (punisher), 2 blasters

    20 Warriors
    w/ Sybarite (agoniser), 2 blasters, 2 splinter cannons

    2x 10 Warriors
    w/ 2 Dark Lances

    2x Talos

    Here's a general idea of what I'm expecting him to field:

    2 Valkyries w/ full squads and 3 flamers each. I believe there are slightly different squads (possibly a special character, or his hq in these)
    1 Leman Russ
    Marbo (I believe he uses Marbo, but what I faintly recollect is whichever special character he uses infiltrates with a charge, I could be wrong since I'm not sure if this is possible)
    Not sure on what his command will be
    2-3 charges
    And I'm not sure if he will have enough points to fit in another infiltrator squad of some sort
    ***If anyone has more experience with Guards and can give some input on what his HQ will most likely be, and if I should expect another squad because of any remaining points he would have besides what I listed that would be great.

    Anyways, to my deployments (by the way this is a straight battle, no objectives, and I'm assuming there will be a lot of terrain [30-35% approx.])

    If I get first turn:
    I'm debating between 2 deployments

    1. Deploying everything on one side of the table, trying to get as much cover save as possible.

    My first move would be to get my reavers/hq/20warriors as far away from the table edges as possible while keeping out of distance from any potential transport-disembark-flame moves, utilizing the best cover saves as possible, and narrowing the distance to whatever is on his table so my warriors can move/shoot, and my warriors can move/shoot/assault (depending).

    Depending on how he deployed my talos would move/run towards him, but find a way to get a cover save from his AP3 weapons.

    Sniper Squads would try and shoot anything within 36in range, but I'm assuming he will deploy outside of that (should I try and concentrate my deployment all in this middle?)


    2. Keep my reavers, hq, and 20 warriors in reserve. Talos/Sniper squads deployed in middle of board, shooting and move/running towards priority targets. The next moves depends on how he set up, and when/where both of our troops come into the game.

    So my biggest concerns is:
    Obviously taking constant shots from the leman russ while being out of range, or just not being able to pop it till near end game allowing it to eat up anything. Normally I use the talos as gun magnets, but they won't be able to handle the amount of fire power he can throw at me
    Having the Valks drop onto my 20warriors or reaver squads, disembarking, and handing me three templates/charges, if this happens neither troop will survive that.

    I haven't played for a few years so I'm rusty and don't know anything about IGs anymore so whatever help would be greatly appreciated, if this is the wrong section than I apologize.

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    WOW There's no vehicles here. You sure you're a Dark Eldar player?

    Well, first of all, you need to really worry about being able to deal with the anti-infantry. Valks might be tooled up with Lascannons if he's expecting to fight Dark Eldar. Your Talos is gonna need some serious cover.

    Marbo will kill a squad that's not in cover. He drops a big bomb when he arrives.

    Command could be anything, be wary if it's Straken. Might have feel no pain, so try to engage with some nasty CC stuff.

    Try to use the Reavers to gut some non-transport vehicles if you can.

    Can't think of much else - dunno how to do footslogger DE...

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    Okay so in my experience to handle IG you need to have raiders. They are fast delivery for all of your troops/elites additionally each one you take will give you an additional dark lance to deal with that Russ/valks. Additionally if you cough up the points for the nightshields the vehicle is immune to Demo charges. If you can put your Dracon on a bike and give it a couple of buddies that is a really good way of getting a fast superior assaulting unit that can clean a guard squad before it gets a chance to really fight back. A trio of haemonculii is the only way to get flamer templates which are really good for killing guard. However guard is one of the few armies where taking stingers can be an effective tactic.

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