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    Mind War do invunerable saves count?

    Me and my mates have come to a debate over the rules of mind war phychic power. One of my mates who has been playing the game for well over 10 years says that in the old codex Mind War ignored invunerable saves but the current one says that armour saves are not allowed.

    Now when I had first read the rule I had assumed that the invunerable saves were allowed as normal but my friend did insist it seemed fair because the attack was an attack on the mind not an attack that affected them physically like a bolt of lightning or anything like that and that not all invunerable saves are from armour some are from other aspects such as his favourite character Ragnar of the space wolves who has an invunerable save from fast reflexes, who my friend says would seem almost impossible to avoid that kind of attack hence his invunerable save would be useless (My friend like to make everything seem as real as possible and not always follow the rules word for word as it makes the games more fun).

    My other friend says that the rules don't specify that invunerable saves are ignored so they must count. I wouldn't have a problem with playing one with one rule and the other with the other but my problem is what happens if we have a three way game and I want to use mind war because it wouldn't be fair to use one rule for one and one for the other so what I really wanted to know was what do other players think of the rule.

    Does it ignore invunerable saves or not?

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    In a nutshell, your initial reading of the rule was right. Whatever a rule did in a previous edition of the game is basically irrelevant to how it functions in the current edition, and a rule only does what it says it does. Mind War ignores armor saves-- it doesn't say anything about invulnerable or cover saves being negated.

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