Being the biggest looters of the ork race, I was wanting to make a serious dakka list using different codex rules. While hardly original, I like the idea of using the new IG codex with Ork nobs (officers) as the command structure down to the sergeant (yes I know he is an NCO). The standard troops and vets will be gobbos / gretchin. The list will be tredhead and I saw an awesome Valkyrie/vendetta conversion as a helicopter.

I am working to have some variety but integrating other codexes to represent the different Tribes and Clans. I ge3t an evil grin kit-bashing to make ork (looted) versions of equipment and would like to start using the rulesets. Below is some pairing I think would work, please give your input:

Evil Sunz: standard orks for me! and I have lots of them!
Deathskulls: IG
Goffs: Blood Angels
Bad Moons: ???
Snakebites: daemons purhaps?