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    Creative Mycetic Spore Help

    I just had a vision to get creative with my Mycetic spores, this post would surely have been a billion times better if I actually spent some time to photograph what I'm trying to say.
    The problem is I'm not a good modeller... or photographer.

    Anyway, I propose my 'mycetic spore' to be a crashed Valkyrie Assault Carrier, swarming with genestealers, tentacled parasites, and bodies of dead crew.

    I was also planning on making an infested Space Marine drop pod, which would probably suit the model better-

    I'm sure people would have already thought about this, but how would you go abouts modelling it without too much Green Stuff?

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    lots of cash? :s

    a nice idea, but you're talking about a lot of money invested in very nice models that you'll want to cut up and screw with

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    Get yourself one Moonscape scenery pack (comes with 5 craters) and one space marine drop pod. With some green stuff, lots of glue and extra bits and biomorphs you should already have lying around from assembling your bugs you are set to model 2 to 3 "spores" which would ultimately look something like an infested drop pod which has been buried to the ground by the force of the impact to the ground.

    And it doesn't even cost that much. You can get drop pod and moonscape for 40 € total and if you can strech 3 spores out of it you have just built 3 tyranid dropships at the cost of less than 2 marine equivalents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbeef88 View Post
    I was also planning on making an infested Space Marine drop pod, which would probably suit the model better-
    That is a cool idea, I may do that. The Marines are coming down in orbit and then one of the starts acting strangely, coughing. Then one by one the burst open as larvae tear their way out to rapidly mature in time for landing. Or a Hiveship could catch a Drop pod and fill it with bugs. Reppy for you and your good idea.

    I suggest that you use spare parts from your Tyranid sprues if you don't want to use too much green stuff. Things like gun barrels will work well to show the weapons of the spore. Use arms with spare spikes or talons on the end to look like grabby/spiky limbs of the infesting organism.

    Some green stuff will probably be needed. Use it to just do some tentacles or tendons to show how the critter has taken over the Drop pod.

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