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    Fighting an Eldar opponent

    After my previous thread (about claws & teeth) I've rejigged my list slightly. However my opponent is now going to field his Eldar army and from first impressions it looks as if they'll massacre my 'Nids.
    In addition to the standard battleforce models I also have another three warriors, a broodlord, and a deathleaper.
    My proposed list is standard Prime HQ w/ whip, sword, & talons, 5 warriors w/ deathspitters & boneswords, 'Gants with devourers, 'Gaunts, Deathleaper and 'Stealers. All pretty standard issue.

    However he'll be fielding:
    Dire Avengers which will transport up and bladestorm, which seems like they'll tear through my broods,
    Warpspiders which will deep strike and have a lot dakka, another thing to rip my guys to shreds,
    Fire Prism with the large blast marker which I can only assume will cause havoc,
    Wraithlord with a missile launcher, unfortunately another blast,
    Wraithguard with Warlock and Farseer which he always zooms up in a transport.

    Usually his list isn't much trouble for my Tau army (thanks to Number6, among others), but this'll be my first time playing as 'Nids and it just looks like half my army will be dead after one round of shooting!

    What do I do? I'm thinking of getting Zoans and 'Fexs next, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch, guys!

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    The problem here is that youve got next to no anti tank, and removing those from the game will be key to deafeating this list. And unfortuantly looking at your list im afraid you may well, as you fear get masacred. Theres a lot of stuff to sort out to problem of the tanks, but not a lot you can do with a battleforce + some extras.

    Really the only thing i can adivse to do is to switch to adrenal glands on those hormaguants, then using them and the warriors to try and crack tanks open, with the help of deathleaper, and if you can get close enough, the genestealers.

    Id get this guy to switch from his eldar list if you can, because realistically, you dont have much of a chance due to the amount of tanks. Personally i think he's being a bit unfair considering its your first game and you have limited models available. I hate to be that honest and doom and gloomy to a new player, but there it is.

    However focusing on the possitives i can give you some advice on how to beat this guy in future. The first order of buisness is hiveguard. These will destroy his wave serpents and can quite happily have a crack at the likes of the wraithlord/guard aswell. Theyre also great in general, no reason not to take them.

    Next up are some Mcs, and a word of advice, go for trygons, not fexs. Fexs can work, but trygons are just nearly always better. Tougher, with more attacks and synapticly capable too 1 or 2 of those will do you nicley.

    And if you dont mind some conversion/proxying, it would be a shame to not bring in a tervigon with catalyst as a troops choice. Give feel no pain to a brood and those bladestorms suddenly become a whole lot less effecive.

    Zoans are a great addition to a list generally, but not so much against eldar, as the wave serpents negate that S10 and make the lance redundant, leaving their only targets being wraithords and fire prisms, which conviniently he has, but theyd need a spore pod to get to them. Definatly get some of these long term.

    Sorry i cant be more possitive or useful
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    One of the best units to use on Eldars are Hive Guards if you have them (or if your opponent doesn't mind you proxying).

    I wouldn't go with zoans. They are bad against Eldar especially if he takes Runes of Warding.

    Tervigons with Catalyst are good.

    I also like Hive Tyrants (with 1 Tyrant Guard & TL-Devourerers), Carnifexes w/TL-D's, Trygons and the Doom.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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