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Thread: Base sizes?

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    Base sizes?

    Hey Fellow Giant Bugs from the Stars,
    The Tervigon, Tyrannofex, and Swarmlord don't have official models (yet, c'mon forgeworld) but they all have more wounds than the carnifex. So what size base should they be on? Technically I think Trygon sized bases for the Tyrannofex and the Tervigon and Carnifex bases for the Swarmlord just based on wounds since the Carnifex could have 5 wounds in the last codex. This is the beginning of my conversion for the Tervigons in my army and I was wondering.


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    i don't see why number of wounds should dictate the size of the base but anyways - your assumptions are fair enough, oval bases for tervigons and tyrannofexes and just your regular MC base for the swarmlord - he's just another hive tyrant after all.

    end of the day, till they release proper models though, there's no official line seeing you have to use the base a model is supplied with or larger. my own tervigon was cobbled together from a fex kit so its only on a MC base

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    I just felt like a monstrous creature that can also crap out several broods of tyranids is probably "big enough" to require the larger base. If I'd been willing to do a bit more cutting and greenstuffing, I could have packed him onto the typical carnifex 60mm base. But that just didn't seem right ... to me, anyway.

    I've seen a couple of tervigons mounted on 60mm bases, but those were also walking upright on hind legs, which makes it easier. I wanted mine walking on 6 legs like the art in the codex shows, which is another reason I opted for the larger base.

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