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    How to base ncrons?

    Hey i was wondering if anyone new an easy an effective way to decorate necron bases? I was thinking of gluing sand to the bas then painting over it with black for a simple dead world effect. Anyone else have any other ideas?

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    My Necron army is based around the concept that somewhere during the millions of years long sleep of the Tomb the worlds climate changed hugely and the Necrons wake up into a trophical jungle. So I'll be basing everything with green grass, some necron crystrals and such.

    However, if you want a dead world look may I suggest following:

    - Get a pack of Green Stuff
    - Take a very small bit of GS for each plate and make it into a thin coating on the top of the base
    - Use a toothpick or similar tool to carve some cracks into the GS coating so it resembles dry-and-cracked stone/abode surface
    - Glue some sand to the cracks
    - Paint with codex grey, drybrush with light shade of grey, highlight with skull white

    Finished it would look a bit like a salt-lake:
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    My bases went with the barren theme as well. I put PVA on the base, sprinkled gardening sand all over and deep....primerd the whole thing black and drybrushed Commando Khaki. Gives it the appearance of an ashen ground. My Necron crytals also went a more metallic color with a sepia wash on chainmail.

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