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Thread: 1500 orc army.

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    1500 orc army.

    Hi there guys. New to orcs and still slightly new to orcs. I have a small chaos force on the go but i think my heart belongs to the boyz!

    I dont realy play in shop cause im still learning but i do have matches with a group of several friends. Its never very competative but its always nice to give someone a good krumpin.

    Because there are always a good few of us having a good ol' bust up there are never that many points per force, i suppose. usualy somewhere between 1000-1500 points.

    I have an idea of a death axe/snake bite cross tribe. Im aiming for a footsloger/walker based army. 'Organised and tricky' bt still very backwards and primative. I even have an idea for a boar/biker boy unit i saw in a white dwarf about a year or two ago.

    But enough of my pointless rambling i need a hand on building a semi competative 1500 point orc army. I would love my biker boyz, a warpboy, runethread that i can convert into a sort off mock of a imperial preacher but for gork and mork and maby a trukk i can tamper with to look like a giant wild beast.

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    There are threads a-plenty around here on starting orks. You should check them out because we went into some depth in the discussion.

    I always recommend the AoBR set as a starting point and then adding a battleforce set and nobz box. That will give you a warboss, shoota boyz, slugga boyz, plenty of nobz with powerklaws, bikers, a trukk to haul the nobz mob (and warboss) and Deffkopta. Play with that first, then add to as you see fit. Possible next additions would be lootas, kans, a battlewagon, more boyz and a Big Mek with KFF.

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