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Thread: Power unit #1

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    Power unit #1

    So, I'm not sure if you guys know about this combo, but I've heard some talk about it and how good it is. I haven't tried it out, and I probably won't since it seems very boring and not very friendly towards the opponent. But here it is:

    1 Tyrant with 3 tyrant guards joined by a tyranid prime, given feel no pain by a tervigon and a cover save by a venomthrope or two. I'm guessing it doesn't really matter what we put on the tyrant and prime, but some sort of CC focus sounds most reasonable. If we give the unit regeneration and lash whips the whole combo lands at around 800 points, depending on how much we upgrade it. What do you guys think about this? Will it be any good? what could take it down reasonably? With all the wound allocating and regeneration and whatnot, this unit will be nigh unkillable, or so i think. And it's really not all that expensive for what it can do.

    Could this be something to worry about at tournaments?

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    I wouldn't worry about it. It's too slow and easily avoided. Take out the venomthrope or tervigon and it's lost part of it's effectiveness. It's only got 2 main power weapon attacks - the HT and Prime and no Inv saves. It won't last against some of the other dedicated cc-units out there. For example, do you think it can beat 2 squads of nob bikers, 20 assault terminators or 20 bloocrushers? Basically, it's not as killy as you would think and at the same time, significantly weakens the rest of the Nid army.
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    What jy2 said ... x 10. It's ridiculous.

    If you're depending on a single trick to win your game, you don't have a good army. "Tricks" are useless. Solidly balanced army lists are what you want.
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