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    Synapse and instinctive behaviour

    1. Do Fearless nids need to test for instinctive behaviour?
    If yes
    2. Can a Mawloc that fails its IB roll then choose to burrow? - I think yes because it says that the choice to burrow occurs in the movement phase not instead of movement so you could arguably satisfy rage by moving it 6" forward then burrow. Am I right?

    3. Do Genestealers benefit from being fearless if within synapse? Synapse rules kinda imply yes because dex says all tyranids models in synapse range but I was told by someone that this is ignored due to brood telepathy.

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    1. Yes they do, see the instinctive behavior section where it says "All unengaged Tyranid models must take a leadership check" Leadership checks are different from morale checks.

    2. Not sure on this one, I cant see anything saying it cant because the mawloc's burrow rule says you can dive at any point in the movement phase.

    3. Yes they do, the brood telepathy simply over-rides insticinctive behavior, not the synapse rulings. Whoever told you that is wrong.
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    Heirodule has it right, I actually had to read up on the first question you had after my first game, and what he said is correct. Morale Test != Leadership Test, Fearless lets you pass Morale Tests (and pinning), Instinctive Behavior forces you to roll a Leadership Test if not within synapse range, becoming Fearless is just another bonus.

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