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    New To Dark Eldar

    Recently i have been using my brothers Dark Eldar & i really like using them & now i want to start my own Dark Eldar Army i love using the Wych Cult but i have used a Kabal with an Archon & that was cool too. So my question is what would the best things to start off with, i already have Lelith & 3 boxes of wyches thanx.

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    My personal opinion is to focus on a Kabal type army as it has more options for you to choose from while you get the hang of the army. You can still have a strong wych presence in your list and you can even use Lelith as an Archon (if you are desparate) or Dracite.

    Later, when you have collected enough raiders and ravagers then I suggest you can start playing wych cult. I just think jumping into wych cult too early can be devastating to your desire to play DE.
    "On a hunch, I melted them down and inhaled the fumes and read the dark eldar codex again, AND FOUND A BUNCH OF NEW RULES HIDDEN BEHIND THE OTHER WORDS..." [Gardeth on modelling & interpreting the DE Codex]

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    The biggest investment invariably with Dark Eldar is the Raiders and Ravagers...and the biggest problem with Wych Cult is also that it is fairly ineffective at low point matches.

    Assuming you want to stick to wych cult...

    You'll need 4 Raiders, as you have enough for 4 wych squads currently. And probably 3 ravagers... That would give you an army something like this..

    Retinue w/5 Wyches + Succubus with GOS and Agoniser
    Raider w/TerrorFex

    7 Wyches + Succubus w/Agoniser (so 8 total)
    Raider w/TerrorFex
    7 Wyches + Succubus w/Agoniser (so 8 total)
    Raider w/TerrorFex
    7 Wyches + Succubus w/Agoniser (so 8 total)
    Raider w/TerrorFex

    Heavy Support
    3 Ravagers
    1 with 3x Dissi (although this could be 2)

    1237 Points

    This army will be effective providing you get first turn, or the board has sufficient LOS cover for the raiders. But your aim will always be to table the opponent, as you won't be able to hold objectives, and if you ever win combat in your turn your wyches won't survive until the next turn without some sort of cover.

    But realisitically to go straight Wych Cult, you'll need to fill up all 6 troop slots, and you'll need a retinue for Lelith, and they'll all need raiders....

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