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    Taking my army forward

    Hi GUys,

    Started building my tyranid army or really re-building it. Used to run a psychic scream list but stopped ages ago. I'm repainting the previous botch job and going for a metallic black a la ridley scott/james cameron

    So far I have
    2 tyrants
    2 tyrant guard
    2 hive guard
    20 odd hormagaunts
    20 odd termagaunts
    20 odd genestealers
    2 zoanthropes
    1 carnifex
    just got hold of 2 mawloc/trygon
    i'm yet to play a proper game with new codex but I am inclined to take a walking double tyrant squad with the hive guard hiding behind all backed up by a venom thrope while I throw the stealers forward with the gaunts taking advantage of hive commander style outflanking.
    So I have two questions
    1/ How should I develop this army in terms of new purchases and what strategies are viable?

    I really love the idea of the spores but I tend to play in runes of warding / psychic hood heavy gaming circles which render the zoans a risky redundant strategy. Is there a decent alternative to zoans in a spore.
    Was thinking about 10-20 termagaunts with devourers putting out a hell of a lot of fire when they hop out?

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    Youve got a decent start going there, and you could make quite a few strong lists with what you have available. In terms of strategys available, in honesty Id say any of them with what you have.

    However looking at that little list im leaning slightly towards a MC heavy, all reserve list. The strategy is simple enough 1 or 2 Hive Tryants with Hive commander (2 if you can get away with it for a 2+ bonus, some allow it because it hasnt been FAQed yet, others say no because of something similar in the guard codex. Seems riduclous to me, but check your groups thoughts. If they dont allow stacking, Id just take the 1 tyrant) and then everything else has some sort of capacity to come in via reserve, either in a spore, deep striking under its own rules, or outflanking.

    Problem with this is that you tend to rely on zoanthropes for anti-tank, and as you say zoans are a bit iffy in a psychic heavy environment. If you can work out a way to fit zoans in, or even get Hive-guard or T-fexs whilst still coping with them in reserve, then i think this would be a potent strategy.

    The other list i could see from your collection is a ballanced list, with a slightly MC bias. Im thinking a couple of Trygons and Tervgions, Hive guard and T-fexs (Cant belive im saying that but if zoans are out then theyre the next best thing) for anti-tank, and either a Tyranid Prime or a Tyrant depending on preference. Add a few hormaguants and stealers, with the near compulsory brood of termaguants if you take tervigons, and i think youd be good to go.

    As for development, id get a couple more hive guard, build a tervigon or two and make yourself some spore pods.

    And for an alternative for Zoans, you could do worse than the T-fex. Its still got that S10 shot available, but is more fire suppression than outright destruction, which is the zoans territory.

    Good luck, and welcome back.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    Fexes in pods work almost as well as zoans. They don't have AT shooting like the zoans but make up for it with a higher toughness and AT assault. I prefer to take both in pods.

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    I think it would be an idea if you get some more gaunts, it helps in games. And maybe if your a fan of the warriors then why not? They can be very good in game terms and are lovley models to build and paint.

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