So I'm trying to fill out an 1850pt list and I was wondering...

3 warbuggies w/TL rokkits
3 Big Gunz-kannons (I would add some grots to my unit to fill in the points difference)

I run sort of mech/foot hybrid army. I have 2 units of lootas, 5 units of boys and a killa kanz unit and was wondering what would work best for my list? I'm leaning toward the Buggies as they are fast and help against all the mech out there. Plus with the kannons I dont like leaving lots of units in the back, (lootas, grots and then the kannons) just seems to clutter objectives and buildings and gives easier kill points.

But I have never used either unit, yeah I know, and I wanted to see what you guys thought. I will try to play some test games soon to see first hand what might work better. I just don't want to buy stuff I don't need, since I'm building another army at the moment