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Thread: Stealth army?

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    Stealth army?

    I am considering another army of elitish models (as I have 2 horde already) & was wonding if nids can be built as an elite stealth army rather than horde / heavy weapons.

    From background knowledge I was considering the use of infiltrating, & scouting units like Lictors & Genestealers; do the nids have anything else along these lines?

    Also would consider a large reserves element of deep striking units eg. Gargoyles, Tyrgons + Ravenor broods; again is there anything else I have missed?

    Are there upgrades that can make other units capable of stealth/ infiltration/ scout and can Vemonthropes be used to generate mobile cover?

    Sorry there's a lot of questions here but the codex is costly & not keen on buying something & selling on ebay at a loss a few weeks latter.

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    Elite stealth? Hell yeah!

    Deathleaper (ultimate lictor), lictors, Ymgarl genestealers (like genestealers but a lot more dangerous) all have unique and specialist deployments. Regular Stealers can be used to outflank, and so can any unit of troops using Hive commander, a hive tyrant power.

    Deep Strikes have far more options than that, Harpys, Winged Tyrants, mawlocs, Shrikes (winged warriors) Flying rippers, regular rippers, aswell as the Trygons, Raveners and gargoyles listed. Best of all though, you can take Myceic spores of a lot of creatures, meaning they gain deep strike aswell. So appart from those listed, you could also deepstrike; Pyrovores, Venomthropes, Zoanthropes, Warriors, Both types of guant and even Genestealers.

    There arnt any upgrades for infiltration exceterta no, but can venomthropes be used for cover? Well yes, but theyre going to detract from the stealth aspect a bit, scince the most stealthy units are in the elites section, with Venomthropes. I wouldnt bother, careful positioning of your units can provide a better cover save anyway.

    That the sorta thing you were hoping for?

    Edit - yeah i agree with 6's post underneath, you can never go wrong with a codex, if only to get more information on the army in question.
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    Couldn't you just borrow a friend's 'nids codex?

    Even if I never end up building an army out of a codex I purchase, I never consider it a wasted purchase. "Know Thy Enemy" at the very least!
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