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    Necrons In Imperial Armor

    Hi I Don't Know Mutch About Imperial Armor, Do Necrons Feature In Any Of The Imperial Armor Books If So Witch One/s

    Thank You

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    To my reckoning, I do not believe that the Necrons 'feature' in any of the Imperial Armor specific books. Needless to say, they are briefly mentioned I think in Imperial Armor Volume II, in the one regarding the Space Marines and the forces of the Inquisition, but only as a statement saying that their were Necron Warriors and buildings in the background of the current battle, or something to that degree.

    However, there is something about them in Apocalypse, as the Necrons have the Pylon. Yes, the Necrons have the Undying Legion Battle Formation. So if want to see the Necrons in an Imperial Armor colection, go out and get Apocalypse. Not too expensive either...

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    The rules for Pylons are in the standard apoc book.
    Two formations are in the imperial armour apoc book - they are :

    Undying Legion - you get to give a bunch of warriors the effects of a resurrection orb so long as the pylon you buy with the formation remains intact

    Pylon Network - generates fields/zones that weaken shots, block psychic powers, and boost WBB rolls.

    The gauss pylon itself is cheaper than a baneblade and capable of firing multiple strength D shots (with AA capabilities no less) or sweeping the area around itself with AP3 gauss arcs.

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