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Thread: Tournament Log.

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    Tournament Log.

    First day of my first tournament is officially over, thought I would share my list and experiences so far. Tournie uses a nifty VP system to encourage you to go for objectives and killing not just sitting back going for a table every turn.
    1500 list:

    Big Mek: KFF, Cybork:

    Lootas: 9 boys: 135
    Kommandos: Snikrot, 9 boys, 2 burnas:

    2x Shoota boys: 29 boys, 3 big shootas, nob w' klaw and pole:
    Sluggas boys: 29 boys, nob w' klaw and pole:
    Gretchin: 10 grots, 1 runtherd:

    Fast Attack:
    Stormboys: 16 boys, nob w' klaw and pole:
    Deffkoptas: 2 TL rokkit koptas:

    Started off with a mech list, not enough boys for my taste so lightened the AV load, then there wasn't enough armour to last more than a turn or two so decided to use a force multiplier (absence of armour to waste anti armour points the opponent spent) to help me out.

    First Mission: Pitched battle with 5 objectives
    Opponent: Eldar
    2 units of dire avengers
    Banshees + jain zar in a serpent
    2 fire prisms
    5 pathfinders
    6 fire dragons
    brightlance wraithlord(awesomely converted to look like a big fire dragon)
    Doom/guide farseer

    Turn 1 was fairly ineffective with us just closing the gap. Turn two snikrot arrived and chewed up a unit of avengers, wraithlord tied up my shootas with the KFF mek, remnants of slugga boys wiped out the farseer(he doomed them...ouch) after the lootas dropped his dragon bodyguard). Jain zar wiped out the stormboys, 2nd boys mob killed all banshees but jain zar in shooting and ate her in combat, advanced to claim 2 objectives.
    Snikrot ate the rangers and half the other avenger unit before swan diving into the depths.
    wraithlord was slowly chopped down by the klaw, koptas outflanked out blew some guns off the serpent before fleeing. Spent the rest of the game chasing and blowing weapons off the 3 tanks, he managed to contest 3 objectives amd the remaining avengers held one uncontested. due to VP conditions it was a draw in favour to him.

    Game 2: Spearhead, 2 objectives
    Opponent: Space Marines
    Captain with combi melta and LC
    Bodyguard tactical squad in drop pod
    5 man termie unit with ass cannon
    4 rokkit launcha 10 man dev squad in 2 combat teams.
    Tac squad in rhino
    Tac squad with HB
    melta dread

    Got the first turn out the koptas immobilised and blew off his vindicator turret. Lootas popped the rhino on his starting board as the boys moved in.
    Drop pod landed in a poor spot (my deployment zone was fairly full with the stormboys spread out behind the lootas cover to deny the back corner completely. they shot abit then combined loota, stormboy and grot fire with a counter assualt by the stormboys clearing them away. including the pod.
    Snikrot jumps the rhino tac squad (need to use the burnas as power weaps and not be tempted by 16 wound rolls with flamers. snikrot gets eaten as i pour fire into the termies, they take it on the chin for 2 turns before a flurry of ones ends them in a whirl of stormboys blades.
    boys mobs wipe up the tac squads and devies while the stormboys finish the vindicator with its irritating storm bolter.
    Table on turn 5. stormboys are starting to shine, they are great for keeping up the back for a timely rush forward, potential 24 " charge is sick

    Game 3: dawn of war annihilation
    Opponent: orks
    Warboss with huge choppa
    3 nobs with skorchas and a pinboy in trukk with the boss
    Kommandos with big shootas and klaw nob
    Ard boys in a trukk (sluggas)
    2 skorcha traks
    skorcha dred
    CCBW dred
    10 lootas
    20 shoota boys
    SAG mek
    5 stormboys

    He seizes the initiative and rushes forward with everything. SAG snake eyes and is gone along with a chunk of shoota boys. I fail to kill off his skorchas and his combined skorcha, nob, slugga and kommando sandwich finish off the two shootas mobs. things look grim. Snikrot is still recovering from his drubbing last game
    Stormboys finish off the shootas and tie up the skorcha dred. slugga mob mops up the nobs and trukkas, then gets mauled by loota and kommando fire. His gunless trukks try to tank shock the lootas, both get immobilised n destroyed in later turns.
    Snikrot turns up on turn 5 to finish off the kommandos and dives into cover. close game that comes down to counting vps to determine the winner.
    Win to the orks, my orks. waaaaagh! All in all not a very fun game. there was alot of attempts to add extra dice to his pool and made up rules. not fun

    Which at the end of the day puts me at 2nd on the generalship ladder, alot higher than i expected, with 1st also being an ork player, my first opponent tomorrow. We tried these lists against each other alot pre-tournament and they were all close fought. looking forward to it. key will be blowing up his 2 trukks, one is boss + nobs, other is grotsnik + meganobs, who are bother nasty. Exploiting grotsniks rule with the lootas to pull the nobs towards his table edge is a sound plan but he is fairly adept at foiling it.
    He had a lucky win in round 3 against a DE player, he wiped out the squad before it could deploy the webway portal. So he has a commanding lead.

    An all infantry army is daunting to use but is a powerful choice as few lists (template IG aside, there is an army with 5 valkyries that i'm hoping i wont have to face) are optimised to deal with so many bodies. Will post the results of my final battles tomorrow as well as my final standing. Dare i hope for a placing? we shall see, but it will be alot of fun.

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    This belongs in Battle Reports not the Ork forum.

    A more detailed write up would be awesome, I personally like more in depth information on what happened during a game and not just highlights. Sounds like some pretty weird armies you're facing so far too.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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