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    Mycetic Spores & Orks and Blood Angels

    Hi all,

    I am only new-ish to Tyranids and I am yet to try out Mycetic Spores. But are they really worth it? Would they be good for Deep Strike with Pyrovores/Zoanthropes? And, most importantly, do they count as a Troops choice, after all it does say in the book that it is always an upgrade to another brood, but it is always a separate non-scoring unit, as well as the profile being in the Troops section?

    Also, I'm up against Orks and Blood Angels. If you have any tips on how to defeat them, tactics, or what to have in my army, PLEASE reply to this post.


    The Warlord

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    Mycetic spores are great, a must have for zoanthropes in most lists. Pyrovores, i wouldnt even bother taking because theyre terrible, but if you wanted to then its a useful way to get of one round of fire i guess.

    In awnser to the second question, no they are not a troops choice (they dont take up a slot on the FOC anyway) and even if they were, it says they cant score, so its a bit irrelevant.

    Orks are easy enough, thanks to the magic of a new codex. Basically the nob with PK is going to cause a lot of damage to monstrous creatures, so if theres a nob with a PK dont charge it with an MC.

    Hormaguants are going to be your best friend for killing infantry. Theyre faster in combat, and with toxin sacs will decimate a unit of orks quite happily. Warriors, especially lead by a Prime will also create havok, seeing as orks dont generally have a lot of S8+ shooting so cant ID you, whilst deathspitters can shred them with shooting, and you outmatch them in combat.

    Blood angels, focus on the characters. Once you start dropping the preists, uber dreadnoughts and super charcacters, they start to fall like regular marines.

    Its not really enough to say your fighting one particular army, because there are many many builds available, we need basic lists to come up with an effective list.
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    Something you might want to try against Blood Angels, is to lure out their Death Company unit (provided they took some). Because they have to move towards the closest enemy in LOS, a strategically placed model such as a gargoyle on a hill can ensure the Death Company move in the direction you want them to. Try to seperate them from the rest of your opponent's army and take them down ASAP, cause they bring the pain.

    Hope that helps a bit!

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