I've been testing this tactic in my last few games but I'm not sure it will work against most armies. So far I've only played it against Mechanised Witch Hunters, Space Marines and an Eldar Wraithguard army.

The idea is that you kit a squad of 20 termagants out with devourers, get them an basic Mycentic spore and drop them to hit a unit with 60 strength 4 shots. Against Mech the spore's ranged attack is usually enough to take down the rear armour of the tank the troops are hiding in (otherwise the gaunts have to find someone else to shoot or attack the tank themselves which might work against rear armour 10 vehicles).

I was dissapointed when I used this against Space Marines considering that it took the gaunts an entire three turns to take down a 10 man tactical squad hitting and wounding on 4's but I'm going to be playing against Imperial guard in the near future and believe their toughness of 3 would probably make a lot of difference.

Thanks for any help.

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