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Thread: Nob Bikers

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    Nob Bikers

    ill have the money soon so i need to have a plan.

    1. How do you do them
    2. Is it possible to put them on SM bikes? i think that would be cool
    3. Also my orks have an orange theme instead of red, does anyone know how to paint a good looking orange?

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    I personally don't use the official Ork biker sets, as they seem a bit expensive to me. Instead, I bought 40k bike bits cheap on ebay and then glued the nobz from the Assault on Black Reach set to them. I had to cut off their legs and reposition them, reattaching them with green stuff (which is also a lot cheaper on ebay if you look for the generic version, called Kneadatite) so they look right.

    You most certainly can use space marine bikes. In fact, quite a few of my nob bikers are driving looted marine bikes. ^_^

    As for their color, I find it's best (after priming them either black or white) to paint the first coat red. Virtually any bright red will work, although I usually use blood red. Be sure to use citadel paints, as most other paints don't work very well. After the first coat of red, then I'd start painting on a thin coat of blazing orange. You can dry brush it on if you like. Finally, you can highlight raised areas with your favorite shade of yellow. The result should be a nice fiery orange.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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