Interesting thing I noticed the other day:

Ok, so Ghaz wears mega armour right? So that gives him the slow and purposeful special rule limiting his movement to 2D6" take the highest. If you have bad luck like me that seems to never quite cut it and the speed sucks. However, according the the rulebook, it says that all independent characters have the skilled rider and move thru cover special rules. Ghaz is an independent character and ALWAYS counts as moving thru difficult terrain, so therefore when moving by himself or with a unit of kommandos who also have MTC he would always roll 3D6 and take the highest result.

This same theory would apply to Warbosses in mega armour as well.

From what I can brainstorm the best way to run this is to move a transport the maximum distance then when disembarking, place the MAWB or Ghaz out of 2" of the rest of the squad to detach him then go on about normal Orky business. Seems like the battlewagon would be better than a trukk to do this since it is bigger therefore allowing more room to get them out of coherency but still in line with their target.

Im going to try ^ out this weekend. Gonna pack a MAWB, KFF Mek, and 17 boyz in my battlewagon: Drive it 13" up (rpj) and take the boss and boyz out of coherency, leaving the mek in the battlewagon to guard it