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    A thought on markerlight effiecency...

    I've got a bit bored with the bog standard list's that I have been using recenty and thought how I could alter the list to radically change the way it play's on the field, whilst still trying to keep the list performing at its best.

    In the end I tried to see if there was a way I could get as many gun's into 1 markerlight token to increase the BS, but came across several problem's, mainly with specific unit's. Firewarrior's don't put out high strength shot's, kroot don't benifit from marker token's and vespid die to easily.
    As your all well aware this leave's XV8's or XV88's, the latter I'm not fond of due to there static nature. I naturally thought of my XV8's and had an idea...

    4 man XV8 Teams
    Shas'el, PR, MP, MT, HWDC, 1 Shield drone, Bonded, -107pts
    3 XV8's, 3 PR, 3 MP, 3 MT, -186pts
    Total for both units 293pts

    This unit doesn't look like much to look at, but 1 marker token later that suddenly become's 3-6/1-2 BS 4/ BS 5 plasma shots + 6 BS 4/ 2 BS 5 misssle pod shot's. I've found it very effective at a few thing's, namely the volume of fire this unit can dish out. It has 10 wounds, so can asorb a lot of wounds, will maul any chimera class transport's, Downside's are that it does draw attention, is hard to hide and is rather expensive as a whole.

    My favoutite benifit of this unit is just how much better it gets when it get's just 1 marker token, amazing value at 73.25pts each per XV8 (on average). This means that even with relativly low numbers of markerlights I can still put out a lot of accurate shots in 1 volley. It also goes a long way towards helping out the markerlight traffic system where you have multple unit's vieing for tokens.

    I'l leave it there for the moment as I got stuff to do, but any comment's, question's ior querie's please let me know.


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    The only thing I would say is this, you can just give the Shas'El a TA and hard wire the MT, then don't join him to the 3 man unit. That way you always have a BS5 HQ, that can choose to shoot at the same target as the 3 man xv8's or choose to shoot at something else.

    4 suits is over kill for one Chimera. Especially when your BS5 Shas'El has a really good shot at killing off a second one in the same turn. The markerlight is still really effecient for the 3 man unit, or the El can use that same single markerlight to reduce cover save.

    Buy a TA for your 'El. You will find that his overall effectiveness goes up.

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    Also, broadsides aren't static ... not if you get them the Advanced Stabilization System anyway.

    Frankly, Crisis Suits -- especially fireknives -- are nearly always the best units to take advantage of markerlight hits. It's always nice to have them hit more reliably, and especially when you have rapid-firing plasma, it's beneficial to lower or even outright deny cover saves.

    At "long" range, boosting 3 plasma shots and 6 missile shots from a single 3-man unit is incredible. Make that 6 plasma and 6 missile at "short" range and it's easy to obliterate entire units in one go.

    And while it's obvious that markerlights are useful boosting any Tau unit, it's really the boosts to fireknives that make the biggest impact. Broadsides already hit reliably enough, fire warriors aren't usually on the table, reducing submunition scatter by just 1" isn't very impressive, any target that you really want to destroy with a railgun shot will generally cause you to waste markerlight hits 'cause a BS 5 hammerhead is just going to wreck it on the first try, ... and so on and so forth.

    But the units that Crisis suits will typically be targeting generally require a bit of focus to eliminate. So boosting their effectiveness really boosts the power and efficiency of your entire army in truly dramatic fashion.
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