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Thread: Synapse

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    The synapse rule are as follows

    Synapse creatures and tyanid units that are within 12 inches of a synapse creature are said to be within synapse range.

    Zoanthropes Hive tyrants and the swarmlord do not have the special rule of being fearless But
    the are a synapse creatures.

    Granted if there is two or more thropes they could pull from each other and become fearless.
    IF there is HiveT or SwarmL or only one
    Zoanthrope in a unit and it is not in range of any other synapse creature
    does it need to take a morale test (ie from close combat or losing 25% wounds from shooting) or is the fact that it is a
    synapse creature gives itself the fearless rule…
    (if not then a hive T could be forced to take a leadership test if it takes one wound from shooting if it was not in range of another synapse creature.)

    i know they don't need to take the leadership test for instinctual behavior as they are separate from the hive collective like genestealers.

    I only ask about the synapse because GW wording thew in
    synapse creatures AND tyranids within 12 inches of a synapse creature are said to be within synapse…

    why say a synapse creature and tyranids if synapse creatures are already in range?

    Throw in that synapse creatures are not fearless and that would lead to moral checks from shooting and close combat if they were not 12 in of a synapse creature.


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    it includes the synapse itself, both fluffwise, game wise, and simple logic.
    RAW and RAI wise its written that both the synapse and the Nid's 12" from hin are within synapse range, Hench he is fearless

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