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    Starting a new army; need suggestion and theme

    I just staring a new army, and a friend is giving me some of his old army and i visit various place to get cheap left over that no want or whatever reason.... which got me start on tyrant when i see enough for a small army at the time.

    So far from the pile i mange to assemble, gather or work around due to strong glue or green stuff.

    20x Spinefist
    15x Devourer
    60x fleshbore
    50x horm
    33x horm with something on their back.
    15x Gene
    10x gene with talon
    2x bloodloard
    3x unassemable warrior
    2x warrior rending claw
    4x zoan
    1x carn( appear to be based on a old edition of close combat, so no range weapon)
    5x ripper base( three ripper per base, hope that enough for swarm look)
    1x Hive tyrant(armless)

    Need help on:

    1) What model should i buy or look out for my next addition to the army.
    2) what are the thing my army can do or what can i make from those pile as a decent army or around a theme. (thinking of 1K and 1.5k)
    3) what are the theme that i can play form the current list, and what hive fleet should i use to base the theme on?
    4) Can i use the marine drop pod as the spore drop(currently only have two drop pod)?

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    That's a nice collection you have started. Quite a few of the essentials. I'll try to give a general answer for each point.

    1) Do you have the codex? If not, I'd recommend getting that before anything else. read it a few times to get a general idea of what nids can do. With what you currently have, I'd probably get some trygon, hive guard, tyrant guard and a fex or two. (May even want to mod your fexes to some of the other MCs in the codex.)
    2) You have a base for a swarm army right now. IMHO you have enough troops so you should focus on elite/heavy units. Again, read the codex, get an idea of what exactly you want to play first. Then decide how you want to handle each part of the opponent's army. IE: Anti-tank, transports, heavy weapons, etc...
    3) Right now you have the basis for a swarm army. You'll need decent anti-tank with that. Any hive fleet works, or make up your own.
    4) As long as that's ok with your opponent, sure!

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