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    It came from the swamp

    Hello Necron players!

    I'm a long lost Necron player who is now thinking about returning once again to the ultimate race. I will probably wait for the new codex and models though, but I'm still planning my glorious return. I'm more of a hobby person than a player, so making a fun and good looking army is more important than winning every game. So that's exactly what I'll try to do this time around. Necrons were my first army and they had an extremely simple paint scheme and no basing to talk about. But this time around, I want to make them a lot more interesting

    I'm thinking of making a swamp-themed army. The fluff being that when the necrons were supposed to go to sleep in their tombs, this army got left behind, forgotten and "turned off" in the middle of a swamp-like world. They stood there for millenia and now they are about to reawaken, and they're not in perfect shape.

    So, for the paint scheme. I want their original color to of a bright metalllic golden hue. However, after so much time standing in a swamp, only fragments of their golden color will be visible. They will mostly be of a green and brown color with bits of gold coming through at some places. They will be covered in moss, organics and maybe even trees. Much like the picture in the codex, just a more brown/green color. I also made an incredible find when searching for swamp necrons on google:

    Hive Fleet Moloch - Look at the prey species section. This Necron army was very much what i was hoping to find. And there are lots of nice things going on there. Does anyone know, or have an idea of how to make that green organic material that's clinging to basically all the models? It looks very sweet but I just don't know how it's been done.

    Anyway, what do you guys think about this project? do you have any hints or tips about how to go through with the idea? any feedback is welcome.

    "I have seen you humans, trying to forge an Empire in the name of a corpse"

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    Hello and welcome back to the ancient race.

    I personally think swampy necrons is a great idea. My own Revenant Moon Necrons are made in jungle-theme and you can take a look at my fluff and modelling/painting project pages (link to fluff in the sig and link to project is found in top of the fluff page) in case you need some inspiration... Although mine isn't as good as those in Hive Fleet Moloch

    Anyway, my best guess is that the swampy effect in HFM was made by mixing glue or water-effects together with some GW grass or painted sawdust and applying a small coating of the resulting sludge on top of the models. I used something similar with my necron "snipers" and "automatic guns", by applying glue on top of models and then dipping them in GW grass.

    Good luck for your project and hope it turns out awesome
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    I like the idea. My Necrons are covered in a thick layer of rust.

    Those swamp Necrons look superb.

    I'm not certain about it being static grass, I think this wouldn't create the longer strands of grass dangling off the models. The longer strands coming up from the bases are easily bought, the type I use being made by Woodland Scenics and called 'Field Grass'.

    Now it's my guess that this modeller has used the same grass but, as Polaria said, has mixed it with some glue in order to (a) soften it (b) allow it to be drapped over the model (c) set it solid. The beauty is that it's pre-coloured (and not only in green, but other shades as well) so I expect the model is fully painted first then the swamp grass added after.

    As for the bases used I think you can buy (not from GW) bases that have a lip on them, so to speak. That way static water would not spill out over the edge of base when applying.

    You have got me thinking here. I may just have a go at this. I have the grass already and some static water.

    I feel a weekend project coming on. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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