Tweaking Army List for New House Rule - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Tweaking Army List for New House Rule

    So, there was an argument amongst some of the members here a while back about twin-linked weapons and multi-tracker. I bought this up with the guys I play with, and they decided to translate the rule in favor of being able to shoot a twin-linked weapon and another weapon at the same time as long as you have multi-tracker hardwired. My question is, how would this change the optimum crisis suit build? I think I would still play a fire knife spam, but would it be better to TL the plasma rifle or the missile pod? Or would other builds become superior to the Fireknife with being able to fire twin linked weapons?

    Thanks a bunch guys.

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    I use a Shas'el HQ; TLMP, PR, HWMT
    and it works to great effect but I only use this type of configuration on my HQ, never my basic elites. Its just not worth the points to do so and you only get 1 per squad anyways...

    Twin linking; MP vs PR, personally I say its up to you...

    Against space marines I can see the advantage of the TLPR but that's 30pts and its only 1shot at 24in(30 JSJ) 2 at 12".
    The TLMP; its 36in(42 JSJ) high str and fair AP and a static 2shots.

    There are pros and cons for both, I say take that which fits the situation at hand.
    Support you right to play video games, its for the greater good...

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