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Thread: Little help...

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    Son of LO andrewbeater's Avatar
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    Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
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    Little help...

    I am coming off two Necron wins skyrocketing my record with them to 3-14-1. Best part is, I won without a partner! But here's the thing, I want to get better and it seems everyone has a differing opinion on army list and strategies, so I'm NOT asking about it. I asked the same question on the Daemons thread about them; Two questions: 1) Besides the only troop choice, What are the top five Necrons that you could not live without almost ever and 2) What are the five Necron units that you will never field unless you had to. It gives me a good idea without too much information, about the units that i should look into. I want to form my own army list and my own strategy as well.

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    Son of LO Polaria's Avatar
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    Top choices (what I always have is in the top of the lost)

    #1 Lord (on foot, w/orb)
    #2 Destroyer
    #3 Lord (destroyer, w/warscythe)
    #4 Scarab Swarms
    #5 Pariahs

    Bottow choices (those I most often field first)

    #6 Nightbringer
    #7 Flayed Ones
    #8 Heavy Destroyers
    (#9 Monolith, Immortals, Wraiths, Tomb-Spyder)

    I own Nightbringer, Flayed Ones and Heavy Destroyers purely for "special" lists (FO's for Cities of Death and Heavy Destroyers for Spearhead). I do not have models for Monolith, Immortals, Wraiths or Tomb-Spyders so their performance on the field remains a mystery to me. If I had enough Immortals they could or would replace Pariahs at the Top #5 slot (Lords bodyguard). Monolith would probably go up there, probably replacing Destrolord and dropping it to somewhere around #6. Tomb-Spyders or Wraiths I really don't intend to use with the lists I now run.
    Revenant Moon Necrons: (W/L/D) 0/1/0 (6th edition: 13/2/2)(5th edition: 14/6/4)(3rd edition Codex: 16/4/7)
    XIX Legion: (W/L/D) 0/0/0 (5th edition: 14/12/2)(5th edition Codex: 4/3/0)
    Black Legion: (W/L/D) 1/0/0 (6th edition: 2/3/0)
    Something Wicked... Reikwald Beastmen: (W/L/D) 10/4/1

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    Senior Member Nitrokitty's Avatar
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    Not much experience myself, but I do a lot of reading on boards like this, and here's what I think the general consensus seems to be:
    Necron Lords are a solid HQ choice. Some of the gear seems better than others, but all agree the Resurrection Orb is very good. In general, the warscythe seems to be the preferred weapon, though I've seen arguments for both.

    The C'tan have their fans and their haters, but most seem to agree the Deceiver is the better choice.

    Not much to say here, as there's only one choice, but Necron warriors aren't bad. Get lots of them. Just try to keep them out of assault.

    Flayed Ones are kinda mediocre. They're okay assault troops, but the lack of any power-weapon equivalent hurts them. Against most dedicated assault troops in newer codexes, Flayed Ones will lose out.

    Pariahs are universally hated. While they could be decent assault troops, the lack of WBB and not adding to your Phase Out limit makes them not worth their points.

    Immortals seem to be a decent ranged unit, though a bit expensive, both in points and dollars. If you want to add them, I think there are guides on how to kitbash them.

    Fast Attack:
    Destroyers are awesome. It's pretty much universally agreed that Destroyers are one of the best units we have.

    Wraiths are a bit expensive, but can be very good against tanks. They'll be hitting rear armor, which is 10 on most things, and their STR 6 means they have a decent chance of killing it. Put them with a Destroyer Lord with a warscythe for extra fun. Only 1 wound and no power weapons, but they're Necrons, so they get WBB.

    Scarabs have their uses. Specifically, to tarpit more expensive things, or give them Disruption Fields and have them glance Land Raiders to death. Even if technically they're not the most threatening thing in our army, it's pretty scary to watch 10 scarab bases coming at you.

    Heavy Support:
    Heavy Destroyers are not well liked. They're basically a lascannon on a skimmer, and not a great one at that. Most say skip.

    Monoliths are cool. There's no way around that. They're big, tough, and powerful. The Gauss Flux Arc is death to infantry, and the Particle Whip adds a good template attack. However, most seem to prefer to use the Power Matrix to teleport units around and add some badly-needed mobility to their force.

    Tomb Spyders are a bit hit or miss. They're monstrous creatures, which means they can do some damage in close combat, but their pathetic WS of 2 really drags them down. Their primary use seems to be to put on the edges of armies to help with WBB rolls. If you make scarabs with them, be careful not to have more than one at a time, or majority toughness kicks in and it can be one-shotted by STR 6 weapons.

    Does that help?

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    Senior Member Ghost of Rage's Avatar
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    Top 5:
    1- Necron Lord with Orb
    2- Destroyers x2
    3- Monolith x2
    I know it was cheating, but Destroyers and Monoliths take 2 votes here because they are so good

    Bottom 5:
    1- Pariahs
    2- Heavy Destroyers
    3- Flayed Ones
    4- Wraiths
    5- Nightbringer
    World Eaters: W-47 D-10 L-9
    Necrons: W-19 D-3 L-2
    Protectorate of Menoth: W-36 D-0 L-7

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    Jul 2010
    Uppsala, Sweden
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    Top 5:

    1: Monolith - This thing is so powerful against some armies that I've had players refuse to play against me if I field more than one.
    2: Necron Lord - I still argue the Lord's one of the best HQ choices around. Pretty cheap for his stats, with great support wargear. Res. Orb is a must in any Necron army.
    3: Destroyers - These guys kill anything. Vehicles, light infantry, heavy infantry, special characters, you name it. Expensive, but totally worth their points. Just make sure to field a lot of them.
    4: Scarab Swarms - Coupled with a Lightning Field these things are great in close combat. They also completely lock down any vehicle thanks to their 40 attacks with a chance of glance on assault.
    5: Immortals - Expensive, slow, and one-dimensional. Also tough, great firepower and Necrons. There's not much that can win a firefight against a 10 man group of Immortals, and even if they do go down, you'll need strength 10 weapons to deny their WBB roll from shooting. Combine these with a Res. Orb Lord and a nearby Monolith and they truly live up to their name.

    Bottom 5:
    1: Wraiths - These guys aren't useless. They'll just get swamped by everything all the time due to GW's retardation. They're good at what they do, but what they do (kill stragglers) is very situational.
    2: Flayed Ones - Take Warriors. Remove their great Gauss weaponry. Give them one more attack and an ability that's useless against most races thanks to high leadership. Give them Infiltrate and Deep Strike. Congratulations, you have worse Warriors that can be assaulted to death earlier on in the game! Only ever useful against teams like Tau, or weird Tyranid lineups that lack synapse range.
    3: Tomb Spyders - WBB supporters. Other than that, useless. You MIGHT get lucky ONCE, and they'll kill something in close combat for you. If they only had better WB/BS they'd be great. Now they're just too unreliable.
    4: Heavy Destroyers - Destroyers do what Heavy Destroyers do, only way better, for less points. S9 AP2 is cool and all, but 3 wounds in a full squad, no twin-link, and 65 points a model just isn't worth it. You might as well just field another group of Destroyers.
    5: Pariahs - The most idiotic set of abilities and stats on a unit, ever. A combination of abilities that make them a high-priority target, combined with no way to soak up damage. Great close combat weapon combined with no attacks and low initiative. Awesome frontline passives with no way to actually survive standing up front. Give these guys "Necron", Feel No Pain, more attacks, higher initiative or a much lower point cost, and they might be useful. Right now they're nothing but a point sink.

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