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    They Are Evil, They Are Decadent... and They are Here!


    Greetings once more fellow fiends of the warp. I have been buying my time returning to the game, and finally we see some real confirmation of the Dark Eldar. They are far from dead, and I can see based on a few of the new faces around the DE Forum that they are going to be bigger and better than ever could have been imagined. It seems that the triumphant victor between the lengthy battle of the "Dark Eldar" and the "World" appears to be our most beloved army. Praise Slaanesh.

    But, we as a community still have a ways to go yet. We have a few weeks before Advance Orders start (October 9-13) and little over a month until the first wave of cynical anarchists arrive. So, what do we do until that time?

    I will tell you: we revel in our new found glory, and for once, we should step into the spotlight. We need to understand the fundamentals and reasoning behind the logic of GW, and comprehend that the reason why we were delayed a re-release for so damn long is because they wanted to get this right. And not just the Al Gore right: I'm talking Global Warming Awareness right. The sort of right that would make even Stephen Hawkings believe that the universe is in fact donut shaped. We as a community of devout followers should embrace this release for all of its awesomeness, and the potential for an entirely new, game-shattering experience.

    Now, I am not the biggest contributor on the forum, and I am far from the most knowledgable of the game, and not all of you who would read this would know me. But, nevertheless, I will spread the word around the forum. The DE are coming, and everyone should be ready.

    So, I have created this thread for all of us to create snow angels in, and delight in our moment of realization and acknowledgment from GW. Feel free to post everything that we KNOW is coming for us, and should you feel the need to just exclaim your ecstatic enthusiasm and just plain excitement for the return of the evil space elfs, than by all means go ahead.

    Well what do we know about our sadistic and cruel cretins? This is what we do know: THEY ARE COMING IN NOVEMBER! In just a little over a month, we have the first wave arriving in a sleek black hovercraft from Commoragh, and here is what entailed to be the first wave:

    Plastic Boxes:

    Metal Boxes:

    Leltih Hesperax ( who looks awesome! )
    Urien Rakarth ( new model??? )

    Also, to keep the ankle clasps keeping you dangling from the ceiling a little tighter, there is a limited edition release coming as well, but that is very tight lipped.

    Now, here is the juicy news: every unit that is in our current codex IS reappearing in the new edition. So make sure that you don't throw out your Warp Beasts or Scourges, if you ever bothered to buy them in the first place. They are getting an immense turn around. But let's hope they don't make a full 360.

    You will be proud of me for this: I have attached the NEW Codex cover to this thread. To be perfectly honest, even though it is a major improvement over the one we have now, I think the Archon looks a tad unbelievable, but that's just me. You make your own opinion.

    Now for some rules. I will list these in dot point form, as I am a tad short on a bit of time. For your convenience of course.
    • There is one confirmed army-wide universal rule, and that is something along the lines of the Acute Senses rule
    • Raider and Ravager stats are to remain the same, although with so many more upgrades
    • Our Reavers are to be getting the infamous Lance-Melta weapon that everyone has been ripping their eyes out to see more of. They are also using some kind of "Bypass" attack, where any unit that a Jetbike passes over takes some unusual damage.
    • Wyches are going to Troops
    • The Archon is getting so much more beefed; almost every stat is increased by one. However, the bigger difference here is that there is an absence of a pick and choose armory. There will be pre-determined wargear and weapons. You can still customize him the way you want, but with limited options. One such wargear commodity is the tetrahedron that the Archon on the codex cover is holding. It allows the model to double their strength if they slay an MC or IC. {Pretty nifty}
    • Vect is most definitely in, but without his Dais of Destruction. I fail what this is leading to. It's like denying a bowling ball a ring finger hole. It's like taking thunder away from lightning. It's like saying to a seagull that he can't have a chip. The two just don't get seperated... ever.
    • Combat Drugs are streamlined for the entire army. Multiple variations have been proposed, but the one that everyone is saying is that you roll one dice, and whatever option is determined relates to every unit capable of taking drugs. :/
    • THE SHADOW-FIELD IS IN!!!. Sorry that deserved Caps-Lock action. There was talk of it being removed, but Kelly said absolutely no way. His own words...
    • All Splinter weaponry now wounds on the roll of a 4+, just like every standard poisoned weapon.
    • Seems like the Ravager, when it does surface, is able to fire all three of its Dark Lances at Cruising Speed!? Bye bye Land Raider...
    • A new weapon availiable to the Archon is a Blaster Pistol. I think you can see where that is leading to.
    • We have 3 or 5 new editions to the codex. Sweet. Apparently, there are two brand spanking new HS choices.
    This rule does no get a dot point, because it stands on its own, and is the only rule that we really wanted to see incorporated, and that is the "Strength through Pain". This the lowdown: for every unit that another DE unit kills completely, they gain a Pain Token. When a unit accumulates one Pain Token, they gain the Feel No Pain rule. When they gain two, they gain the Furious Charge special rule. When they manage to get three, the unit becomes Fearless. I find this a little skeptical, but it could work, and if it is incoporated, this would be one of the most cheesy things ever done. And we love cheese, don't we?

    Few other little niggles here and there, like the DE Harlequins having the same stats as the Craftworld ones, Mandrakes having some sort of shooting attack that gets stronger every time they kill something, Incubi losing their Tormentor Helm, but being able to function as a fully fledged unit now, and not as a retinue, and a new Special Character... a DE queen, quite possibly the abandoned wife of Vect himself. Or, could it be N'okai, the Angel of Pain? Time will tell.

    And that is just it: over the next month, more and more will indeed be revealed to us, and our grins will just keep getting bigger and bigger. So, for now I leave it to you to voice your own opinions, and make sure that you gain the most from the release too, as it will be big. You can count on that.

    Good Hunting.

    PS: I would also like to give my thanks to everyone who contributed to the Dark Eldar Rumors Thread while I was away. Cheers!

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    Whilst I dont have any news or pics to add I do think I shall "snow angel"/jump on the DE bandwagon.

    After looking at lots of pictures from GD I have to say some of those models look jaw-droppingly EPIC. The Archon and Incubi look especially dangerous and sleek.

    And just the otherday my mum was asking what I wanted for how bout some DE mum??

    Also, im happy for all you guys who have waited like 10 years for this, savour the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hawk View Post
    [*]A new weapon availiable to the Archon is a Blaster Pistol. I think you can see where that is leading to.
    and i was just coming online to ask if we were getting anything to use the Archons ludicrous high bs for.

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    The incubi appear to be plastic.

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