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    Facing new Dark Eldar

    @font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Hey All,

    With the new Dark Eldar threatening to be pretty powerful (and popular), I thought it might be worth it to discuss how to deal with them as Orks. I'd like to continue the trend of a thread on how to deal with each new army codex released so we Orks can give them a good krumpin' right away every time

    I don't have the new codex but I read some threads on it, the synopsis, and have some general knowledge of the DE so I'll get out what I know, and others can contribute their thoughts and experiences.

    First off, most of them will be using the ultra-fast-yet-paper-thin Raider transports. These things will be dealt with well with Lootas, which generate enough mid-strength shots to destroy many of them. I believe that Raiders have a new shield option which acts like a cover save of sorts, but high-volume Lootas should be able to bring them down. The problem is their immense speed and with cover, it may be too late, but they should still help. Rokkit and big shoota buggies, as well as coptas, could also help, especially because of their mobility to hit them around cover. The Lootas' firepower will also be useful for Feel No Pain Eldar, which many will be getting from their new Pain Points. Beware that they'll be sitting duck units for groups of Reaver Jetbikes, Hellions, and other super-speedy DE.

    The new Archon and Incubi seem to excel at taking out elites, so we'll have to be careful with our Nobz, Mega Nobz, Ard Ladz, Warbosses, etc. Regular boyz should be able to stand up well.

    Their splinter cannons, rifles, shredders, and some other weapons wielded by Warriors and the like are concerns, and I'd say usually a high priority. I think the Warriors should fall to our standard boyz in cc and shoota fairly well, but poison makes some of these weapons pretty nasty, especially for Biker Nobz.
    Burnas are unlikely to be extremely useful against Warriors unless you get lucky enough to let your opponent catch and burn you, but the Eldar small numbers and mobility reduce their effectiveness. Not sure if the DE warriors have a +5 or +4 save (I'm assuming its not +6? that would seem silly with all that spikey new armor), but that will affect the use of flamer Burnas vs. cc/powerweapon Burnas. However, powerweapons negate Feel No Pain (I think?) so that could help out in many situations.
    I believe that commandos would be a bad choice here due to the extreme mobility of the Commandos. I could see the DE simply ignoring the relatively expensive Commandos or swarming and easily overwhelming them before returning to the rest of our army.
    They'll be able to tear up Grots but at least the poisoned weapons will matter less, and may give the Boyz a chance to catch the DE or at least avoid some shooty death.
    I'm not seeing Warp Heads as too much of a threat to the DE, although extra Waaagh!s could be helpful, and the teleportation could trip up a newer player and give you an ace in the hole.
    A Shokk Attack gun also seems less effective because its a lot of points for overkill, but some long-range shooting could be useful in some situations. KFF Meks are still helpful for Mech'd Orks but the DE's ability to dictate where the fight will be will make them less amazing then when facing a gunline army. Still, worth taking if it fits your plan.
    Warbosses seem like overkill. They'll smack up DE but regular boyz with nobz should be just as effective and better priced for what they do. The one thing he could help out with would be Talos and the other harvester engine. Strength 10 would chew them up. The same largely applies to Nobz and Meganobz- their strengths are underutilized against the already-frail DE.
    Walkers seem like overkill as well, but I do see some creative uses. I'm not sure how well the DE will be at taking down armor, but their standard soldiers (Warriors, Wyches, etc.) should get roughed up and stuck if they engage in close combat. Kans with weapons should be better, because the dark lances they'll be facing will be just as deadly against Dreds. The Kans' shooting might take down some transports, if used properly. They could also be very annoying (to your opponent) for contesting objectives, especially if the DE have other important armored foes to worry about. Additionally, like the Warboss, they could be very useful for going toe-to-toe with high-toughness Talos.
    I think that Speed Freeks lists of mech'd Boyz could be useful. It's really our only prayer for getting to the DE on anything but absolutely their terms. Having our troops mounted denies some of the deadly Splinter and other anti-infantry fire that'll be rough on us. I could see “Battlewagon drive-by” style hits with mounted Shoota Boy units with Big Shootas being able to catch DE, mow down their transport, and then shoot/assault again the next turn (or speed off after another Raider while other Boyz move in for the kill.
    Horde users like myself should prepare to be danced around and shot relentlessly, then attacked en masse by concentrated charges from Wyches and the like. We’ll likely need to do a lot of running and swarming objectives, as usual. Although it doesn’t seem to be a terribly popular build, I often include 3 Rokkit Ladz in each foot unit of 30 to add a bit of often-lacking anti-armor fire. In this case, 3 Big Shootas could prove useful so they have something potentially useful to use while getting shot up.
    Big Gunz suffer the same fate as Lootas- picked off by Hellions etc. Still, a few Kannon shots per game could wreck some transports.
    Flash Gitz shooting could pluck off some Raiders, if they can get in range and line of site. Still, Flash Gitz are considered to be pretty wimpy for their high points cost and heavy support slot, and are thus not recommended.
    Bikers again suffer greatly from poison shots, but I could see some regular bikers do OK with their Dakka-charge combos. I wouldn’t count on expensive Biker Nobz doing well- the DE will simply isolate them, concentrate fire, and swamp what remains of them with high-initiative charges before hopping back onto their Raiders, screwing you out of hundreds of points.
    Web-way portal… not too scared of it. I’d rather face what comes out in a straight-up slugfest on the ground then have them zipping all over the place (I’m an Ork player, after all). Their warp beasts look better than they once did, but a swarm of Boyz should hack them up.

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    As a DE player, i find what you say interesting. Your best bet is to mechanise as much as possible, rendering our poison missile fire useless. Just becareful with speed of the DE Raiders. Its very possible for these to race across the table and end up in your deployment zone on turn one. Yes, you can then destroy them, but if the DE player is doing his job correctly, they'll have intended this outcome and you'll suddenly find units of Wyches in the heart of your army, just ready for a scrap and as they can be carry Haywire grenades and can be accompanied by a Haemonculus, they'll be able to assault vehicles as well as infantry and have 'Feel No Pain' meaning few (If any) will be hurt by the exploding transport.

    If you do mechanise, becareful of the DE Ravagers, bombers and fighters. These can move at cruising speed and still fire all of their big guns, regardless of the strength. Also, the fighters and bombers have a flat out move of 36" which prevents them from firing but doesn't stop the bomber dropping a Void Mine on any unit it flies over.

    Hope this helps you against us.

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