This is Tiny, so named because the Avatar is physically the smallest MC in the game. I finally decided that he was overdue for a re-paint. Originally I did it for an apocalypse game at my local store, since I was too embarrassed to use the god-awful paint job I did when I was 14 or 15.


I'm very proud of how he turned out, and I think I need to start designing more lists that use him so I can show him off more. Mostly it's just Blazing Orange with a liberal slathering of Baal Red, though the armor plates are Bleached Bone with Devlan Mud and the loin clothe is Scorpion Green with Thraka Green. Anything black was given a quick drybrushing of Codex Grey. The sword was painted Golden Yellow (I think) and then drybrushed with blazing orange to make it look like it was on fire (I think I succeeded it might be tough to tell in the pic though), and the runes were drybrushed with black.

I was originally thinking of attempting the color scheme in the codex (it looks more like molten metal), but on closer inspection I decided that it would be way out of my league, so I opted for the simple yet effective base-color-with-ink-wash approach.

I have a couple other pics done without the flash, but it was tough to keep them from getting blurry. The flash saturated the image a bit much, but I didn't have a tripod to put the camera on, so this one came out better.