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    Harlequins Vs Barrage?

    Recently decided to get back into 40k and start my DE army up again (after 2 years of not gaming)... Today I was reading the codex and am now stuck pondering this question about Harlequins being shot at by indirect fire.

    The Harlequins Veil of Darkness upgrade says that the squad 'may not be targeted outside of 2D6x2 (4-24").

    Since it says Targeted, I would argue that an indirect fire ordnance weapon (eg Basilisk) is unable to fire at them unless it is within this distance.

    I think this is because in order to shoot a unit, you first have to target it. Therefore if the tank is outside of the 2D6x2 range, the Harlequins are not a viable target.

    According to the core rule book, a firing unit (eg Basilisk) must choose a target and then shoot at it. If they cannot be targeted by the Basilisk, then it makes sense that it can't shoot at them either.

    The way I see it, the rules are pretty clear, but I can see how it could be open to different interpretations.


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    From the Eldar Codex 5th edition FAQ entry on Harlequins:

    Do Barrage weapons have to roll to spot a unit of harlequins with Veil of Tears?
    Yes, barrage weapons must still roll to spot them and cannot fire if they fail to spot them.

    Do searchlights work on units of Harlequins with Veil of Tears?
    No, they only work for night fighting

    How does Veil of Tears work in a turn where the night fighting rules are in effect?
    If a unit wishes to target the harlequins, first roll for night fighting. If the roll is successful, then roll for Veil of Tears. Only if the second test is also successful, the unit can open fire.
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