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    How much Static vs Mobile?

    I know static units seems like its out of place when talking about Dark Eldar, but static units still have uses for objective denial(or claiming). How many and what kind of static units do you plan on using in your list?

    At first I was saddened to find out that 6 Double DLs at a reasonable cost was dead, but on Dakka a possible alternative is DL and Blaster in a 10man squad. Its worse against vehicles that never leave their deployment zone, but it is still nice for knocking out that Rhino or Land Raider the turn before it unleashes the pain and the new squad thanks to poison may be better overall for taking out MCs and high toughness enemies in general. I doubt I'll be going for 6 DB squads like I used to go with 6 Double DLs in the last edition, but I think I may grab at least two.

    League Stats: Orks 4W-1L-1T, CSM 4W-2L-0T, Dark Eldar 10W-6L-4T, Tau 3W-1L-1T, Blood Angels 4W-1L-1T, Imperial Guard 2W-1L-0T
    Tourney Stats: Blood Angels 6W-0L-0T, Dark Eldar 2W-1L-0T

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    I'll be sticking with mobile. It's always been my preferred method of playing and the DE fluffy way to destroy disrespecting clowns. I'll also be running 6 10 man units with DL and blaster in raiders. Expensive, but it's the best thing to do IMO

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