Well, I've decided I want to pick up the ol' Dark Eldar again since I'm heavily in favor of the new re-write. So I started plugging away and getting an army set up but I've come to an impasse.

Here's what I have so far:

Lelith Hesperax
Bloodbrides X 9 w/ Shardnet/impaler X 1, Razorflails X 2, Syren w/ Agonizer
Wyches X 20, two Hexatrax w/ Agonizers, Shardnet/Impalers X 2, Razorflails X 4 (two squads)
Six Raiders
Three Ravagers

Most likely I'm going to go three Hermies for my second HQ and 10 Incubi. After that I'm really not sure what to get. I want to keep the army maxed out at around 2500-3000 points and intend on playing mostly 1750-2000 point games with the occasionally Apocalypse bit added in. So, should I pick up a bunch of Reavers? How about some Trueborn or Warriors? How should I kite the squads out for maximum "ouch" factor? Should I consider a different HQ than the Hermies?

Love to hear those army building strategies out there. I haven't gotten a chance to play with the new DE, but I played with the old quite a bit so I'm familiar with their play style and what worked in the past.