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    Tactics against a few armies.

    Hey all,
    I've been dabbling in the ideas of other armies, but my heart still lies with Tau.

    Basically, at my school club, we play 600pts, 0-1 Elites and 0-1 Fast Attack OR 0-1 Heavy Support.

    I was wondering on the models I would need to include to win against:

    a) A guard army with 80 men, and a fair few Heavy Weapon Platforms, being a gunline
    b) A marine list with a Rhino and a Drop Pod, with both containing full Tactical Squads, which assault.
    c) Space Wolves, which I am not too sure about, but I assume it will be an assaulty army.

    I was thinking a Deathrain 'El, with 3 Deathrains in Elite, 6 FWs, a decent amount of kroot, with hounds for assault, and a RailHead with DP.

    Is this an OK style, and will it give me a good base to build upon?

    Thankies, and may Tau'va guide you in the name of the greater good.


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    Facing against the two meq armies will be difficult without a few ap3 weapons, imo. the rhinos won't be a problem though.

    Maybe try a centurion 'el (FB + PR iirc) with fireknife bodyguards?
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    FB+PR= Helios.

    I wouldn't get bodyguards, they cost too much. Stick to the elite suits. With two space marine opponents and virtually no vehicles to destroy, I wouldn't bother with missiles. I'd suggest a Helios 'El, three Helios elites (the argument about fusion blasters being close ranged doesn't apply against these particular MEQ armies), the railhead (submunitions will do nicely against the IG), and as many kroot and hounds as as you have points for. An alternative suit configuration would be Brightwind (PR+BC). The burst cannon isn't terrible against marines (no worse than the missiles in a fireknife suit), and will do very nicely against guard. Maybe give the 'El a pair of marker drones? Reducing the cover save of the IG would mean a lot, and could be worth 60 points. Don't forget the requirement to take at least 6 fire warriors.
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