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Thread: Starting Tau

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    Starting Tau

    Hi all! I am looking to start Tau and I was wondering are they going to be getting a new book anytime soon? Also what models are going to be redone for sure that I should avoid? Thanks!

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    Well GW do seem to be cranking out the codex's at a fast rate just lately. I cannot see Tau being redone for at least another year. I have heard rumours of some intersting rules in the new codex, the best being the Hammerheads railgun rumoured rule change. This goes along the lines of draw a line from the muzzle of the railgun out to its maximum range and as long as it hits the first target you roll for penetration of any enemy vehicle hit by the line until you fail a penetration roll. So you could kill or damage multiple targets with one shot. Not sure what happens if you hit an enemy non-vehicle type unit but the shot stops if the line crosses a friendly unit.
    As for units being redone, well Forge World have done a lot of new XV8 models and FW are usually a good indicator of what is going to be in the next codex. I can see Sniper Drones being dropped and Vespid need a massive rethink (Vespid must be the worse selling models in the Tau range). i do not think that Tau will change massively rules wise but it looks like the battlesuits range are going to have quite a radical redesign.
    One last thing, the new codex's seem to have a trend of including rules for units that are not represented in the model range, I can see this happening with Tau, possibly a larger, more powerful Tank vehicle based on the HH chassis.

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    Most of what I have heard is Tau codex will be late summer-early fall of 2011. Also, as for models, I would expect all the metal figures to be made plastic. That's all that I have heard so far.
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