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    Kan Wall Criteria?

    Hey all,

    With the season of gifts just around the corner (Christmas haha) I was starting to think about my models. I've been collecting an Ork army and I'm focusing on hybrid Kan/Horde army. I would like to get about 90 boyz + miscellaneous grotz, lootas, koptas, etc. But onto my main question, with the Kans, I've been looking around and it seems to be that 9 is the recommended amount for a Kan wall. Is this just to max out the Heavy Support column with 3 groups of 3?

    So far I only have 6 Kans, and my future plans would be to either have a Battlewagon with deffrolla attached to run around, or to put a deaf dread right in the middle of the 6 kans. Would this be a viable option or would you recommend using 9 kans?

    Also with cover saves, I haven't used the kans yet in a game, so the question is is it usually 3 kans to cover a mob of 30 boyz? Is that why the 9 would be best for 3 squads of 30 boyz running behind them?

    Thanks a lot for your advice!

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    A Kan wall usually consists of a group of Kan's, providing partial LOS blockage of shoota boyz behind them, covered by a KFF Big Mek (in a BW or the boyz mob). In this way, the KFF gives the kan's a 4+ save, and the kan's give the boyz a 4+ save.

    Since you already have a KFF Big Mek, most people will consider taking a deff dread as a troop choice.

    In a full on walker list, you usually have two big mek's, 2 deff dread's, and 9 killa kan's.

    I really wish they'd allow us to take killa kan's as a troop choice with a big mek, cause they we could take 15 out on the field!!!

    As an alternate, I've seen some individuals take the 9 killa kan's, a big mek with KFF, and some nobz/meganobz with a dedicated BW transport.

    The advantage of the KFF in a BW is you measure from the edge of the BW when determining the 6 inches. The disadvantage is it's going to be shot at constantly (if you only have one). The advantage is that it's going to be shot at, and not the kan's or boyz .

    Oh forgot to mention...if you are playing with the kan's in front, boyz in back, try different unit sizes for easier movement/flexibility. Though a 30 strong boyz group is hella strong, it's also very unwieldy. I find a slightly smaller group can be just as effective. (instead of 2x30, 3x20)

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