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Thread: Starting a new

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    Starting a new

    my friend was looking through armies and eldar appealed the most to him hes going to buy 2 battle forces off ebay for around $120 this will give him 2 walkers, 2 wave serpents, 10 dire avengers, 16 guardians, and 2 heavy weapon platforms. this looks like a good army base.

    hes wondering what he should get next he likes the 3 hqs Eldrad, Fuegen, and farseers in general. what should he get to build an army around these hqs and the 2 battle forces?

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    For the HQ Eldrad or the farseer is going to be the safer and probably better bet (doom and fortune are great powers ). The phoenix lords look cool and have alot of nice rules but are generally not worth the cost, as an alternative to psykers yriel makes for a wonderful HQ.

    The heavy weapons also come with 2 guardians so he will actually have 20 guardians. Now I am going to base my suggestions on him wanting to play mech ( I feel it is our strongest and most competitive build ) If he has a bit of skill I would recommend converting 10 of the guardians into storm guardians ( 2 with flamers ) add in a warlock and a farseer HQ and you have a decent start to an army. Use the farseer, the DAs in a serpent and the storms the with warlock in a serpent and the warwalkers for fire support. This would give him a force around 700 points depending on upgrades.

    Moving beyond this look to add a squad or two of firedragons, some more troops ( DAs are the most common choice ) Waveserpents for all of them and then a couple of fireprisms and perhaps another warwalker to fill out the squad. This would be a fairly common mech eldar list maybe a bit boring but a decent start.

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