Hey all!

I just started a tau army and I am taking it pretty slow so far. I only have a box of fire warriors because I don't want to rush into gaming and ditch the painting for later.

With that said, I plan to paint a Fal'shia army. I love the fluff (being an engineering major at a university xD) and the color scheme seems pretty cool.

My main concern is how to achieve this scheme. My main idea was to basecoat white, and paint the armor mechrite red, cloth snakebite leather, and the gun black. Then, I would give the model a wash of Devlan Mud (or badab black?). The problem is, I love how Tau are so clean cut and crisp looking. Would the wash make my tau look "messy" or would they still maintain that clean cut look? Also, would devlan mud or badab black be better in this situation?

I know it's a long post but thanks to those who read it