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    Need help plz!!!!

    I need help with creating a good army as to be able to compete with nids and Space Marines.

    If any of you guys have suggestions in what to field or how to use them, please say it.

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    Get lots of destroyers

    Battleforce is a great thing to get
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    Reposting my usual Necron advice:

    Here's what you need:

    1. A Lord. Maybe two. Give at least one a res orb. Lords are one of the most cost effective and versatile HQs in the game, and one of the major strengths Necrons still have.
    2. Warriors. Lots of them. They're not as good as they used to be, but they're still not bad, and you'll need a solid core to prevent Phase Out.
    3. Destroyers. Lots of them. The power of destroyers is to put 3 Str 6 AP 4 shots per model anywhere on the board that you want.

    After that, here's some things that are not needed, but are nice to have.

    1. A Monolith. Maybe two.
    2. Scarabs with Disruption Fields. 10 bases, with 4 attacks a base on a charge, with glances on a 6 = an average of 3 glancing hits on a Land Raider. More if it didn't move. That'll shut it down for at least a turn, and maybe blow off a weapon or two.
    3. A C'tan. The Deceiver seems to have more fans than the Nightbringer, but both can be nasty. Just be careful of force weapons or ordinance, as neither has Eternal Warrior.
    4. Immortals. They're overpriced, but 2 30" (24" + 6" move) STR 5 AP 4 shots per model are nothing to sneeze at.
    5. A Tomb Spyder. Just keep it around to help with WBB rolls. Don't bother making more than one Scarab with it, you'll just trigger majority toughness rules and make it easier to kill. Just having one around can act as a wound sponge though.

    What to avoid at all costs:

    1. Pariahs.
    2. Pariahs.
    3. Pariahs.
    4. Heavy Destroyers. 1 Lascannon shot is not going to turn the tide of battle, especially at their ridiculously high point cost.
    5. Flayed Ones. Sorry, but they're mediocre assault troops at best. Your points are much better spent elsewhere.
    6. Wraiths. They're not BAD, per se, but they're really not great, either. I'd rather spend the Fast Attack slot on more Destroyers.
    7. And in case I haven't made my point already, Pariahs.

    The best, and simplest, way to start a new Necron army is to pick up a battleforce, a Lord with a res orb, and a box of warriors. This will give you plenty of warriors, some Destroyers, lots of scarabs, and a good HQ. When you're ready to move into the higher point ranges, pick up some more destroyers, a monolith, and maybe a C'tan if that's what you're in to. This will get you a good, solid, all plastic army (well, except for the Lord) for a reasonable cost.

    However, keep in mind that Necrons have suffered from codex creep worse than any other army in the game, especially now that Dark Eldar got their new codex. The two biggest things that hurt us were the changes to the glance table and sweeping advances. In 4th edition, glancing hits had a chance to destroy a vehicle on a 6. Now the only way is to destroy all weapons and get an immobilize. This has made it infinitely harder for us to damage vehicles, especially since we're lacking effective anti-tank weaponry. Sweeping advances have made it more difficult as well, since our lousy initiative means it's really easy to sweep us and deny us WBB rolls. Necrons suffer big time against assault heavy armies like Blood Angels and Orks. Since it's looking more and more likely that we're not going to get a codex update until at least summer of next year, if at all, you might want to hold off on starting a new army. You'll probably end up disappointed.
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    Get Battleforce, Lord with Orb, Monolith and at minimum of three more Destroyers (preferably five or seven more). You can easily make a good army just out of these units.

    As for the other stuff... if your primary opponents are Tyranids and Space Marines I will strongly advice against Immortals for the following reasons:

    1) If you need more Firepower get more Destroyers. Unlike Immortals Destroyers can outrun CC Termies and 'Nid CC-troops.

    2) If you need a bodyguard for your Lord this is the one instance where Pariahs are better than Immortals in the job. Your worst threats for the Lord are Hive Tyrants, Genestealers with Broodlord and CC-Termies. Pariahs can handle them... in fact, Pariahs can make Hive Tyrant or Genstealer Broodlord refuse the charge and can cut up TS/SS Termies for lunch. Immortals can, and probably will, only get swept and take your Lord with them.
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    concerning the pariahs mentioned above. They are absolutely devastating against psykers. with a squad of 4 i was able to take down typhus in 1 round. talk about great!!! alot of people put down pariahs as useless, but there is very few things better against psykers. as for the nid's. deep strike your monolith into the middle of their term/hermagaunt swarms and unleash with a gauss arc flux. just watch out for their MC's. they can actually hurt your monolith. i like to use scarabs to tie up the nid carni's and hive tyrants for a couple of turns. that way you can clear out the swarms and then concentrate on the big boys. also if any of your units get in trouble just teleport them out of combat. just be sure to keep your phase out units within 18in of the monolith.
    as for going against SM's. avoid close combat at all costs. the SM's will always have at least 1 or 2 power weapons per unit. and use destroyers, they are great for killin' all sorts of SM's.

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