I have been really struggling if Asdrubael point cost is competive in a 2k army. I am not including the Dais as that seems like a huge waste of points in my mind. Personally I run him in a raider with 9 wracks as a meat shield. So far it has worked like a charm. But here are my initial thoughts.

-His 4+ steal the initiative means you go first roughly 2/3 of the time. This means your opponnents damage on your vehicles T1 is significantly reduced. In addition, their initial deployment will greatly reflect your army stealing the 1st turn.
-He is a beast in CC with preferred enemy, 3+ Power Weapon, and Haywire Grenades
-His small AP3 blast is awesome since it rarely scatters given his high BS
-Makes the opponnent focus on killing him vs other options

-High Point cost given cheap HQ options such as custom archons and haemonculi choices
-Doesn't always kill his own point cost. After placing him in a raider with a meat shield I'm looking at 400 points. On average I see him kill 200-250 points of soldiers and survive the game.

So is it worth it? Any other considerations I may have forgotten?