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Thread: Duke Tactics

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    Duke Tactics

    This guy definitely deserves his own tactics page as he potentially adds more to the army then any other HQ choice in the codex. I would like to create a table of what you should choose to do based on the opening rolls of the game.

    1) Your opponent wins the roll and chooses to go first, or you win the roll and choose to go second. No matter what he is you should simply reserve/deepstrike everything in your army to get the opening shot advantage. Bringing units onto the table as far on his flank as possible.

    2) Your opponent wins the roll and chooses to go second.
    a) He is mechanized
    b) He has lots of units that could possibly deep strike
    c) He is a horde army

    How would you deploy against a, b, and c. Other options and observations are encouraged! If you need an army list for reference you can refer to here

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    against A I would deepstrike maybe a few units preferably a unit in a raider with truborn with blasters for getting at rear or side armor on mechs getting close to those vulnerable tanks like predators and taking them out while still having the bulk of my army on the table playing cat and mouse while i wait for the reserves to press in my attack...

    for b I would try to pass first turn to him and reserve everything just trying to make sure that i get the first shot and this is if he is immune to mishap aka a drop pod... if he isnt I would turbo boost all my mechs to the middle of the board and form a circle preventing him from getting to teh middle of the board and forcing him to scatter his army... then withdraw and piece meal him...

    for c i would try to pick the army apart from the flanks and use teh size of his army aganist him my forcing the majority of his units through cover in order to get to me or redeploy horde armies generally have a hard time centralizing all their firepower so its very easy to deny them shots. Aganist horde its very important to use the objectives aganist him by placing the majority of them outside of deployment. In annilation games it get a little tricky if you can find a flank that is vulnerable then deploy on that side and try to pick him apart from there... if not u can play cat and mouse with him and scare him that you might just come in on the last turn to pick up a kill point and win the game there... he'll push out to come and get u and when he does make sure that in order to get to u he'll have to go across open ground thus weaking his position and making easy for u to move in and pounce

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