Tournament Jan 8, 2011 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Tournament Jan 8, 2011

    I did a tournament at one of my local stores this last Saturday. There were 16 people and the points were a mere 800. A free tournament and the store owner is trying to generate interest for his newer players. Going to slowly build it up every month to ease some of these players into it. So no deepstriking, reserves etc unless the rules for the unit specify that is how they need to deploy. Infiltrating was accepted. All the missions were the same, standard deployment with kill points. One hour per battle with 4 battles total.

    I won over all with my Tau. Ran a very simple list as it was a last minute decision to go for me. My list was as follows:

    Shasel mpod, burst cannon, multi tracker, hw drone controller, 2x gun drones

    Torch squad, 3 suits, all twin linked flamers, mpods, TL with targ lock, 2x gun drones

    12 firewarriors
    12 firewarriors
    10 firewarriors

    2x broadsides with targ array, TL w targ lock, 2x shield drones

    Faced off against a new Tau player on game one. Spent as much time as possible explaining some of the ins and outs of how to effectively run Tau. Directed him to this site of course. I gun lined and shot the living snot out of him.

    He had a bunch of suits, 2 monat broadsides, pathfinders, piranha, a squad of carbine firewarriors and kroot. Most of what I can remember anyway.

    Next I played against a nid player who gave me the most trouble. I castled against his tervigon, those spike throwers x3, and a squad of warriors. One with the barbed strangler which did the most damage as I forgot the range on it. However, I won on kill points. He made each of his spike throwers singles so I took all three of them and his tervigon only spat out one gaunt (he had run out of models) plus toward the end my torch squad wiped out another unit of gaunts. I think if it could have gone the full 5 rounds he would have gotten into my lines and caused problems for me but I don't think he could have pulled a win as he wouldnt have been able to catch my suits and I had the kill points on him.

    After that I played an Ork player. He suffered from my first turn of shooting. I immobilized his truck and took his main gun with my broadsides. Then destroyed one dread, immobilized another and stunned the third with my suits. Overall I mowed through his stuff as he charged my castle. I misjudged the distance between my suits and his warboss and attached squad. A waagh caught them in cc. My suits took out most of the boys but towards the end I forced myself to lose the cc so I could get them out in the open. Mowed down the rest of his boys and single shotted his warboss with my broadsides. He did colapse into 2 of my firewarrior squads and took them as well. My worst battle by far but I can really blame myself for that.

    Last battle was against a imperial Guard player. I had first turn and took out his Leman, Hellhound and a chimera. By the end of turn 2 he had conceded as all he had left was an empty chimera. It was a perfect rolling game for me.

    - Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

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    Nice work mate, sounds like some good fun there.

    I personally really like oldschool gunlines with plenty of Fire Warriors, and I wonder if a lot of people tied up in the mechanised mentality of 5th ed. underestimate them. You see lists with the only troops being two squads of six in Devilfish, pretty rough for objective-based games. I guess the Fire Warriors need plenty of support though. I would run a Fire Warrior gunline anyway just because Fire Warriors look cool.

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    The ORIGINAL Sniper Puss eiglepulper's Avatar
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    All hail the power of decent and cooperative dice!! Well played, that man.

    "Tau Commandment #226: Participants who use Velocity Trackers in the Tau Clay Pigeon Tournament will be disqualified"

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    LO Zealot Rafici's Avatar
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    WOW for 800 point list they were very heavy orentated.

    Well done - you played well and got lucky - a perfect day

    How did his warbose not completely wipe out your suits - also

    a 20 strong ork boy (shoota??)squad charging will put out 57 S4 attacks
    They would all hit first
    So it would be 39 S4 hits + 2.66 S8 hits
    Thats 19.5 wounds
    ok spreading the out between the 2 drones and the 3 suits would mean 4 wounds on each
    we can happily agree that at 4+ the drones are both likely dead.

    the Team leader would have to make 4 3+ saves - will fail 1.33 so you have a chance it may survive with 1 wound
    and the other 2 suits will take 8 wounds at 3+ save. 2.66 wounds meaning 1 dead suit and the other suits either with 1 wound or none

    So at best you will have 2 suits left with 1 wound on team leader and none on the other
    If 2 survive that they will hit back

    thats 4 attacks at S5 so 1.33 will hit and 0.88 wounds after saves thats 0.74 dead (and that would be an ork that has already hit as a sensible player would not let you get B2B with warboss but even then he only loses a wound.)

    then the nob and warboss strike.
    To be quick they would leave 5 wounds with no armour save AKA your squad is dead.
    Even with a smaller ork boy squad the ork player would never let you get base to base with the warboss so you would always end up with 5 no armour wounds AKA your whole squad dead.
    So how the hell did you not die on the first hit?
    He must of had a nob and a PK on both the nob and warboss right ?????
    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
    Apoc games (mixture of armies used): W5-D0-L1

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