i participated in a tournament in Amarillo TX yesterday. the rules were:
cities of death rules (except using 5th edition basics)
named characters allowed
10 dollar entry fee, 3 games
2 stratagems (you can change them in each game)
Round 1:
a nid player. he had 2 squads of 20? gaunts, trygon prime, warrior prime, 16 gargoyles, 2 hive guard, and 5 warriors. his stratagems were preliminary bombardment and fortification on the middle building. this was objectives, basicly get a troop in a building and they plant a flag and move on.
my stratagems were plunging fire and ammo store (couldnt have had a chance without them). he ran everything at my lines as fast as it would go (which it turns out wasnt fast enough). plunging fire removes one from the enemies cover save, as long as the target is on a lower level than the one shooting it. this accounted for most of his gaunts and ammo store helped a fire warrior unit obliterate the trygon (with broadside assistance). the broadsides used plunging fire to make short work of the warriors and my commander and torch squads destroyed the hive guard. finally the gargoyles could do nothing to protect from the hammerhead i had who (after missing first turn because of preliminary bombardment) blew the gargoyles away.
however i only had 2 troops choices and one fell victim to what was left of the gaunts. he had 3 flags to my 1 but i had tabled him, so we asked the judge and after thinking about it he declared it a tie.

Round 2:
An IG player. command squad, a banewolf (chem cannon), leman russ demolisher and extinguisher, 1 vet squad with meltas, and finally 2 guard squads with autocannons.
his stratagems were barricades and fortification on the command squad's building, mione i kept the same.
this couldnt have gone worse for the IG player. turn 2 both leman russ and half of one guard squad got totaled and so did his chem dog. his vet's chimera exploded and killed 5 out of the 10. it was then he conceded.

Round 3:
an eldar player. instead of capping off his list then explaining the chain of events that led to my horrible loss, let me just explain what screwed me over the most:
-eldrad guided and fortuned the dark reapers squad he was in
-the dark reapers exarch killed half my army, a barrage weapon that either fires 3 times or ignores cover, either way, when he hit he killed
-after his fire dragons died to 2 men who charged my fire warrior unit of 10. they killed one, saved the 3 wounds i gave, and ran them down as they tried to run. yeah
-there was a giant hulking building in the middle of the board that blocked my line of sight of most of my army to his, butnhis dark reapers didnt care as the exarch simply continued to blast away with his barage weapon, an d somehow unable to miss
so yeah it went badly, he won.

i cant remember who won, but i got 8th out of the 16 who showed up. it was an overall enjoyable experience.