hi guys

now after returning to the dark eldar after getting rid of my old ones(grrr!) and now having played a few games with them i'd just like to put my views out on here

i'll only comment on the units i do have which seems sensible...

archon- still as nasty as ever, the trusty agonsier and shadowfield combo still works. i am not sold on the soul trap and huskblade idea as you would have to be very lucky to kill anything- most of my opponents are guard and CSM- guard don't really have independent characters and chaos well i would have to be very lucky to kill any of them.

incubi- just as good as they were, pain points make them even more scary, only snag is that they do not come with grenades so you have to put an archon in there with the phantasm grenade launcher- minor gripe

warriors- way better than they were, very flexible in what you can do with them, splinter weapons make things a bit easier but not too over powered.

wyches- I didn't use these ladies previously but they are very cheeky, combat drugs are a bit hit and miss, they do very well against guard obviously but they can hold up marines for a few turns unit something more nasty comes along...

reavers- slightly better but likley to get blown to bits after a while, still utterly melting a leman russ with heat lances and using the eldar jetbike rule to move away is useful (and annoying for your opponent who looks on grimly hehe).

now i'll takle the raiders and ravagers

raiders- ok they got a bit more expensive but they are way better than i remember, flickerfields are very cheesy- they may not be for everyone but they worked for me, it fustrates opponents when just by coincidence their best weapons seem to miss after they hit and you are thinking 'this could get interesting'. Dark lance spam however is unchanged and it gives opponents a problem when shooting (i'll cover this a bit later)

ravagers- even more awsome! even though i only used one (don't worry the other one is under construction) it killed rather a lot- busted a leman russ in one turn, knocked out a few chimeras and stunned a few rhinos- flickerfields strike again! it did get killed eventually but only after my opponents felt comfortable enough to deal with it...

overall GW seemed to have done a pretty good job, it all seems balanced. The only problem i came across was that imperial guard mech will give you trouble ( though it all came down to the last turn or two in the game i played and i lost by a small margin). But concentrating effort seems to be a good way to do this, the guard do not seem to be able to cope when your raiders get close to their chimeras- this question came up rather a lot- should i stay inside the chimeras and shoot out or jump out? it got interesting i can tell you. My guard opponent also had the problem of what to shoot, he didn't really concentrate on one thing at a time (this was after i killed both his russes) unitil he had a slight advantage.

other than that they are really fun

anyone got any other comments/ these are just my ramblings

thanks in advance!