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    Probably a dumb monolith, fall back question

    When a unit is falling back and has not regrouped yet, does it do its fallback move at the very beginning of the player's movement phase, or can it wait until some other units have moved first? I ask because the necron monolith can teleport a unit (including one which is falling back) during the movement phase (unclear if it counts as the monolith movement or the unit's movement), but the unit in question is 2" from running off the table, so I want to know if they can be teleported to a place where they might not run off the board. I have looked through all the FAQs I could find, as well as the 40k rulebook and the necron codex but not found anything. Please help.

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    The first fall back move is made immeadeatly after failing morale check, so it is made on assault or shooting phase. Subsequent fall back moves are normal movement actions and conducted on movement phase just like every other of your units. As you can choose the order in which you move your units on your movement phase you can move other units or teleport the falling back unit before you roll the dice and move them.
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    This is being discussed on another 40k forum, and the question which I have found hard to reconcile is the fact that the Monolith would be bringing the unit which is falling back further back *towards* the table centre. This to me gives that unit an unfair advantage in a couple of ways:
    1. If they fail their regroup attempt they will be that much further from their own table edge and will therefore have more opportunities to try to regroup than they would normally have had, and
    2. If they successfully regroup, the Necron player will now have a unit in (probably) a much more offensive, advantageous position than he would have done normally.

    I just feel that the Regroup attempt should be made before the teleport, but I know that the Regroup rules say that the attempt is made before the unit makes its move and can be made at any stage of the Movement Phase itself after other units have moved (or not, in the Monolith's case with relevance to using the Portal!), not just the beginning.

    Just adding in a thought: A Veil of Darkness cannot be used by a Lord to teleport a unit which is falling back because he cannot join such a unit, and he cannot use it if he himself is falling back because he is not free to move normally. Can that be extrapolated to the situation with the Monolith teleporting a unit which is falling back? The unit is not free to move normally until they pass their Regroup Test, but does the teleporting of that unit through the Portal count as moving them, rather than *them* moving themselves?

    Curious to know your thoughts, and hopefully I wasn't too confusing in what I just said!

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    Interesting. Halfway through writing this post, I re-read the Monolith entry and completely changed my opinion. I now believe the following:

    Codex states:
    In the Movement phase it [the monolith] may allow a unit of Necrons ... to phase out and re-enter play by emerging from the Monolith's portal ...

    It then re-iterates this in much the same words in the detailed rules for this specific use of the Power Matrix.

    It now seems quite clear to me that although this is an ability of the Monolith, it is used as part of an action by the Necron unit concerned. The use of the phrase "allow a Necron unit to phase out and re-enter play" makes me believe that it is a voluntary action taken by the Necron unit, a short-term ability conferred on it by the Monolith.

    Following this, i believe it would not be legal to teleport before first rolling to Regroup.
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