Well, I didn't know if I wanted to put this in the fluff forum, might not have gotten the answer I was looking for but anyway.

I came to the task of starting an eldar army wanting LOTS of warp spiders and vypers/jet bikes. It just strikes me as being epic (Even though it might not be that competitive.) But I am trying to find some sort of fluff reason why there are very little dire avengers and other aspect units, just those ones. So here is what I came up with briefly.

The new god the eldar talk about in the codex (On the guardian page, I dont have my codex here so I can specify names for you) They speak that once every eldar falls he will have the power to slay the other god that led to the downfall of the eldar. So with this in mind, a "Special" craftworld was made, they are BIG risk takers, they do not care as much for their life, as they believe so much within this god that everything will work out well. So they have large amounts of warp spiders, and lightly armored vehicles.

Just an idea, if not I need some help

And the colour scheme is all black, with bleached bone weapons (Similar to ulthwe) But then I added all the detail bits with Hawk Turquoise (Robes etc) To make it stand out more.