So I played my first game today using my DE ( I know, I'm a bit behind...)

combat drugs

3x shardnet on the bloodbrides
Anyhoo, my archon and a unit of bloodbrides assaulted a decked out out hive tyrant, whom the archon instant deathed, I was assaulted by 8 genestealers, a broodlord, 4 warriors and a trygon.

First round of combat, 8 wyches died, Archon instant deathed the trygon. lost by one, was fearless due to the 3 tokens and no casualties were taken.

1 wyche was surround by the broodlord, half the genies and two warriors. Archon was in BTB with 2 warriors and 4 genies.

Archon instant deathed 4 warriors, genestealers killed only the wyche with no wounds on the archon. Broodlord + genies fled.

Amazing amount of hurt from the archon.

He then proceeded to receive some stormguardians + warlock flaming and assault, killed them all and a farseer!

2v2 DE + IG vs NID + ELDAR!