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    75 (x1)

    Inventory Profile Thread

    Alright, here is the nitty-gritty. Post your Inventory Profile according to the format provided or your own, whichever is better. When your Inventory changes, don't post another reply, but edit your existing post if you can. The aim is to avoid thread bloat, and the ideal is to have one post here per member, so non-Inventory banter or discussion must be kept at a minimum.

    This thread is expressly for the use of the Tyranid Army List forum users (but as it does not follow the rules of that forum, I am posting it here), but it may be linked to for other purposes as well. To link to a specific post in this thread, copy the URL from the hyperlinked number at the upper right hand corner of the post.


    Hive Fleet Name: (enter your Hive Fleet or Splinter Fleet name here)

    Date Started: (if you want, tell us when you started playing Tyranids)

    Points Available: (can be the total points you can field, can be the points levels you usually play at or regularly transport anywhere, up to you)

    Model Inventory: (probably the most important part--; list all current models you own, with certain tags indicating their important statuses, if any)

    (important status tags may include: OOP MODEL, BROKEN, UNFINISHED CONVERSION, or important, permanent details, such as MAGNETIZED (and what options may go on it). Alternatively, you may mention important biomorphs in this manner: WINGS-PERMANENT or WINGS-MAGNETIZED, etc)

    Proxies? (list down what units you have no models for yet but are willing to or already regularly use proxies for; list down what you use as proxies too, if you want)

    Budget? (another important one: if you're in the market for more models, what you learn from here and the Army List section may help you save some bucks before you make your investments. Write down a specific dollar amount or a ballpark estimate as to how much you're willing to spend in the near future to further stock your inventory. Alternatively, you may also list here what models you were planning to buy for sure, or what's coming in the mail, or being given to you as a gift, but don't have yet.)

    Conversions? (say here whether or not doing conversion work is an option for you; frankly though, if you're a Tyranid player, being unwilling or unable to create a unit from scratch is a handicap, but this part will at least give idea as to whether or not getting a Tyrannofex, say, or a Harpy is an option for you apart from questions of budget and EBay)

    Army Lists: (link here to the actual Army Lists you use in the Hive Fleet Profile thread, if you have a post there. In this section, you can also put here your track record, Win-Loss-Draw style and such)

    Army Fluff: (just for fun, post a summary of what your army is all about, fluffy stuff like why they were named what they were, or what part of the galaxy they're lurking in, maybe a battle history, and such. Just keep it short, a couple of paragraphs or so. Mention your color schemes, if you are so inclined)


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    75 (x1)

    I'll start. It's easiest to copy and paste the format with its original formatting and pasting in with the Editor switched to allow it.

    Hive Fleet Name:
    Hive Fleet Papillon

    Date Started: October 2010

    Points Available: 1000-3000 pts

    Model Inventory:

    1 Tyranid Prime model, Bonesword and Lash Whip, Deathspitter
    4 x Warriors, Rending Claws, Deathspitters, 1 x Venom Cannon
    4 x Warriors, Rending Claws TO BE MODELLED WITH 2X BONESWORDS
    4 x Warriors, Scything Talons, Deathspitters
    1 x Trygon Prime
    1 x Tyrannofex
    9 x Hive Guard
    36 x Hormagaunts
    60 x Termagants, all with Fleshborers
    1 x Hive Tyrant, 2 x Scything Talons TO BE MODELLED WITH MAGNETIZED WINGS
    1 x Deathleaper
    2 x Tervigons
    1 x Swarmlord conversion MAGNETIZED (Arms are detachable for easier painting; may be run as a Hive Tyrant with any other weapon if absolutely necessary)
    2 x Hive Tyrant - MAGNETIZED (3 x Brainleech Devourer arm pairs, 2 x Heavy Venom Cannon arm pairs, Wings)
    3 x Tyrant Guard - ONE UNASSEMBLED, MAGNETIZED (2 x Scything Talon arms, 2 x Lash Whip arms)
    2 x Harpies - TWIN-LINKED HEAVY VENOM CANNONS - PERMANENT (I mean, seriously, who runs them any other way? :T)
    1 x Carnifex, 2 x Scything Talons
    1 x Carnifex, 2 x Twin-Linked Brainleech Devourers
    7 x Spore Mines
    30 x Genestealers
    3 x Ripper Bases
    Crapload of Spore Mines and Spore Mine bases

    Recently Added:

    4x Zoanthropes
    4x Venomthropes
    1x Trygon

    Proxies? Horms for Terms rarely when I run out of Tervigon spawning fodder. Trygon is kitted out as a Prime, but I run him as a regular Trygon sometimes. Materials intended to be converted to Mycetic Spores are proxied as Mycetic Spores.

    Budget? Can buy anything I want! Would rather try and save some money though, all the same.

    Conversions? Heck, yes, I will make anything I have the bits for.

    Army Fluff: Color scheme - Black, Flesh tones, Blood Red, Brown

    Splinter Fleet Papillon began as a scouting arm from one of the larger Hive Fleets that blundered into a particularly odd Warp Rift that took them to a strange dimension where elemental energy held sway-- a plane, as it was known. That plane was host to a different set of invaders, ones that reeked of oil, and were animated by a strange amalgam of living steel and rotting flesh.

    Their conflict ended with no clear victor, but the Splinter Fleet that returned to the Tyranid home dimension was... changed. Though still connected to the Hive Mind, its own biological makeup had branched out, perhaps irrevocably, from the main Tyranid swarm. Instead of chitin, a strange organic metal now makes up the fleet carapace, and the flesh appears rotted, but is still functional. Most of all, the dead appear to be revivable without being rerendered into biomass, making the fleet's recovery, even from defeat, terrifyingly fast and relentless.

    Color scheme - Black, Flesh tones, Blood Red, Orange and Rust tones.

    Army Lists: No post of my regular Army List yet, but working on it.

    W-L-D: 5-13-3
    Last edited by Mads; October 20th, 2011 at 20:58. Reason: Lots of new models!

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    46 (x2)

    Hive Fleet Grendal
    2007 maybe?
    2 Hive Tyrants, both Magnetized, 1 with Wings. 3 Zonathropes. 2 Lictors. 12 Warriors. 40 Genestealers, 2 Broodloards. 40 Guants. 32 Hormoguants. 10 Ripper Swarms. 3 Raveners. 8 Gargoyles. 5 Carnifexes, 2 Magnetized. 1 Trygon.

    I will at times use the Winged Tyrant as a Harpy, the Carnifexes as big bugs with no models.

    Hive Fleet Grendal was first Encountered by the Imperial Fists near the Galactic Core. In the beginning the Hive Fleet Grendal was believed to be a splinter of Hive Fleet Leviathan. After the end of a prolonged conflict between Grendal and the Imperial Fists an Inquisitor Task Force was sent to find the origins of the Fleet. Upon the completion of the survey they concluded that Hive Fleet Grendal instead grew to Hive Fleet status from a Splinter of Kraken that was allowed to go unchallenged by the Imperium. It is remarked that a Splinter being able to gain enough Bio mass to grow to the Size of Naga or Behemoth is so rare there is less then a dozen recorded incidents, and less then half of them were allowed to survive before being destroyed. The Fleet entered the Galaxy from through the Grendal Star System. It is from this that they Hive Fleet gets it's name. The location of Hive Fleet Grendal is unknown at this time and it is believed that it is lost in the Maelstrom.
    Last edited by Willance; January 31st, 2011 at 23:57.
    Army's used: Space Wolves, Tomb Kings, High Elves, Tyranids, Tau and Eldar.

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    With the mind
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    128 (x3)

    Hive Fleet Macabre (latin for ghastly or shocking death)
    Date Started: Uhm, ill edit this in later.
    Points Available: 500-2000

    Model List:
    40 hormagaunts (All with toxin sacs)
    5 warriors (Magnetised, for ALL weapon options)
    30 hormaguants
    3 carnifexes (All magnetised, can be run as tervigons, tyrannofex's or dakkafex. ANYTHING)
    2x Trygon (Magnetised for prime and normal. I cll them Larry and Barry)
    20 geenstealers and 2 broodlords (With 2x scything talons on the broodlords)
    3x biovores
    1x pyrovore
    2x Tyrant Guards
    1x Hive tyrant (100% mangetised for every option he can take)
    3x Hive Guards

    Proxies: I sometimes run termies as hive guards. I plan to troll ebay till I find some dirt cheap ones. >.>

    Budget: 100% Ebay, only got my hive tyrant form GW. Gosh. Im so cheap.

    Army lists: They are scattered all over the forum and on my comp. Ill edit links to them later.

    Army Fluff: Go to the link if my signature, there is links to my WIP thread of my Nids since day one. All the fluff links and army links are in there. Enjoy!

    W-L-D: 36-4-7

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    20 (x1)


    Hive Fleet Name: Kraken (Started off behemoth but i found painting Kraken easier)
    Date Started: 1995 took a break after 1999, back as of September last year

    Points Available: 1750, that's the max i've fielded so far, but in the end i am aiming for a 5000pt army that can be mixed and matched

    Model Inventory:
    1 hive tyrant (2nd ed oop) (wings-magnetized, All weapon variations - magnetized)
    3 zoanthropes
    1 zoanthrope (2nd ed oop) i am using as doom
    6 hive guard
    1 tyranid warrior (SPACE CRUSADE 1ed OOP) i am using as a prime
    3 tyranid warriors (2nd ed oop) (All weapon variations - magnetized)
    3 tyranid warriors (in the process if being magnetized)
    39 geanstealers (21 2nd ed opp) the rest are from battle for macragge set
    2 broodlords
    53 termagaunts (13 2nd ed oop) the rest are from battle for macragge set
    30 hormagaunts
    1 trygon (Magnetized the chest plate/tail/head can be swapped)
    1 tervigon(converted from carnifex unfinished)
    1 carnifex (in the process of magnetizing)
    1 strange little geanstealer thing (pics to come)

    Proxies - I made crappy looking tokens for harpies/Parasite of Mortex/Biovores/Death leaper/Tyrannofex/tyrant guards

    Budget - I budget $20 a fortnight for this, so if i want anything big like a trygon i gotta save up

    Things i am planing to buy - 3 more hive guard, 2-4 tyrant guards, another hive tyrant, a set of nid warriors (and convert my 2nd edition ones into shrikes or harpies) at least 4 carnifex's. 1 for another tervigon conversion, 2 for tyrannofex conversions and 1 for you know... to actually have a carnifex =) 1 more trygon, i absoultly love the model also been thinking of having a list with two malwocs wreaking havoc also planning on buying at least 30 gargoyles

    Conversions?!!?!? oh god yes, half of the fun of nids is the conversions and biomorphs, but yes very much willing

    don't really care about the W-D-L stuff, i win some i loose some, just like handing out with some homies having some laughs crushing their armys and drinking lots of alcohol

    my color scheme is that of hive fleet kraken, it used to be behemoth
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    156 (x3)

    Hive Fleet Name: Hive Fleet Snuggles (who wants a hug?)

    Date Started: Sometime around 2000/2001

    Points Available: Never really added it all up

    Model Inventory:
    1 Walking tyrant
    1 magnetized flyrant
    2 magnetized carnifexes
    1 old, all metal carnifex
    1 "old one eye"
    1 forgeworld trygon
    1 forgeworld Barbed Heirodule
    1 deathleaper
    1 brood lord
    3 zoanthropes
    3 hive guard
    3 tyrant guard
    12 warriors split between ranged and melee kits
    3 raveners
    20-30 genestealers
    40+ hormagaunts
    40+ termagaunts
    20 spore mines
    probably more than that, I have a number of nid boxes on my shelf that I can't remember what's in there unfinished.

    With 3 kids, I don't have a ton of time to paint so I'm rather slow on getting them done.

    Proxies: gaunts always proxie other gaunts when needed. Fexes proxy any random MC as needed. EG: tervigon, tyranofex, etc...

    Budget: Got enough unfinished models, not buying anything more for awhile.

    Conversions: I like to magnetize. So most MCs are built with re usability in mind.

    Army Fluff: No overall fluff. Colors are a leprous brown base, blended out to bleached bone. Carapace is black, blended to purple/blue with red edging on claws.

    WLD: I don't really keep count. About a 95% win ratio or so.

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    797 (x8)

    Hive Fleet Name: Hive Fleet Pandora

    This is actually both mine and my brothers army.

    Date Started: Late 2009

    Points Available: 10,000+

    Model Inventory:

    These are just the models that I remember or use (there are more).

    Hierophant Bio-titan
    Barbed Hierodule
    Scythed Hierodule
    Malanthrope (used as the Doom in regular 40K)

    1x Dakka Flyrant
    3x Walkrants - 1 dakkarant, 1 w/BS+LW, 1 w/dual talons
    4x Tyrant Guards

    9x Hive Guards
    3x Zoanthropes
    2x Mycetic Spores
    1x Venomthrope
    1x Lictor (can be used as Deathleaper)

    10+ Ripper Swarms
    15+ Tyranid Warriors
    80+ Termagants
    60+ Hormagants
    50+ Genestealers
    2x Broodlords

    Fast Attacks
    The Red Terror
    4x Raveners
    4x Shrikes
    30x Gargoyles

    Heavy Supports
    6x Biovores
    20+ Spore Mines
    1x Carnifex - Barbed Strangler or Heavy Venom Cannon (Sometimes used as T-fex)
    3x Dakkafexes (Dual devourers)
    3x Godfexes (Crushing Claws, sometimes proxied as tervigons)
    3x Ninjafexes (Dual talons, sometimes proxied as tervigons)
    2x Mawlocs
    4x Trygons

    Proxies: Genestealers as ymgarls. Mawlocs as trygons (I run 6 trygons in Apoc). Carnifexes as tervigons and a tyrannofex. Daemons as harpies.

    Budget: Trying not to, as I already got way too much stuff.

    Conversions: Need to make tervigons and a t-fex or 2.

    Color scheme: Ultramarine blue, Necron abyss for the carapaces.

    Some pictures:

    Army Fluff: None really. It's actually a splinter fleet consisting of many monstrous creatures. If you're unlucky enough to encounter them, you know trouble is coming your way.

    Army Lists: It varies, though usually with a tyrant, hive guards and tervigons. Lately, I've been using biovores and the tyrannofex. Sample 2K list:

    Hive Fleet Pandora 2K
    2x Tyrant Guards - Lash Whips

    3x Hive Guards
    3x Hive Guards
    2x Hive Guards

    Tervigons - Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
    10x Termagants
    Tervigons - Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
    10x Termagants
    13x Genestealers

    3x Biovores
    3x Biovores
    Tyrannofex - Rupture Cannon

    Total - 1997

    W-L-D: See my signature below.
    Last edited by jy2; February 5th, 2011 at 03:43.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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    75 (x3)

    Have Fleet:Yet to be named.

    Date: Seems like Nov of 06, maybe?

    Points available:Normally we play 2000 point games, I have and can play 3000.

    Budget:I am currently only spending money on cheap e-bay Gaunts, but don't really have a budget I just try to buy at under $1.00 after shipping. I will eventually pick up some hiveguard, or convert some warriors into them.

    Conversions: My only real current conversions are my gargoyles which are termegents with wings made from card protectors with hot glue added to add structure to the wings.

    Model Inventory
    Tyrant 1-2x Scyth flyrant with dragon wings.
    Tervigon 1- it is just an unconverted carnifex with only one set of scyths. I should add rending claws to it, but they just don't look right to me.
    Lictors 2.
    Warriors 6- 2 rending scyths, 3 deathspitters, 1 strangler. CC warriors will be changed to guns once it is warm enough to spray outside.
    Genestealers 44- 8 new models, 36 old models.
    Termegents 21- all fleshborers.
    Hormigaunts 32.
    Ravenors 2- only equipted with one set of Scyths, other weapons port is open...will need to put rending claws there once they are off warriors.
    Gargoyles 32- converted from termegents, back when they were 10 points and dominant.
    Carnifex 3- 2 with barbed strangler, Venom cannon (to be used as Tyranofex, or HVC+TL dexs); 1 with 4 scything talons.
    Old one eye 1- Equipped with 4 devourers, and given a plastic fex head. I wanted the 4th ed tyrant head, but they stopped selling just that bit. Used as either a devil fex or tyrant. Works as both.

    Proxies: I have a fleet of Black Templar and Several Inquisitional forces that I use to proxy when needed. Dreads (4) as monstrous creatures, guardsmen ( 24 ) as termegents sometimes I have to my marine scouts as well, And Terminators either Greyknight or Templar ( 18 ) as hiveguard, Zoanthropes, Primes, or Warriors if needed.

    Color Scheme: Mostly Green Skin with Purple carapace; some with black skin and purple or green carapace. I like having multiple color options to tell mu units apart.
    Last edited by nichodemus10; February 6th, 2011 at 18:22.

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    1 (x0)

    Hive Fleet Name: Hive Fleet Belus
    Date Started: June 2010

    Points Available: 2500+ pts

    Model Inventory:

    3 x Warriors, Rending Claws, Deathspitters, 1 x Venom Cannon
    3 x Warriors, Scything Talons, Deathspitters
    1 x Trygon Prime
    1 x Trygon
    1 x Tervigon (converted from Carnifex/Trygon parts
    3 x Hive Guard
    44 x Hormagaunts
    12 x Termagants, with devourers
    28 x Termagants with Fleshborers
    1 x Hive Tyrant, Heavy Venom Canon, bone sword and lash whip - BROKEN (yesterday )
    1 x Lictor (grr, hated assembling that thing)
    1 x Carnifex, 2 x Scything Talons
    1 x Carnifex, crushing claws and scything talons (permanent)
    24 x Genestealers
    9 x Ripper Bases
    3 x Raveners with twin scything talons
    3 x Zoanthropes
    2 x Venomthropes
    2 x Mycetic Spores
    10 x Gargoyles
    1 x Biovore

    Proxies? The occasional Hive Guard is proxied as a Biovore or two, to give me lots of anti-IG goodness.
    Budget? My baby has landed, and sucked the cash out of my life. One buy per month sounds about right.

    Conversions? I do my best - next project is a second Tervigon, before a T-fex, I think.

    Army Fluff: Belus was rejected by the greater hive mind (if such a thing exists) for over-enthusiastic cannibalism. Exiled, she drifted through the space between the galaxies slowly starving, craving the voice of the community of hive minds, and gently descending into insanity. Now she has reached the galaxy, and craves the psychic connection with others, finds herself drawn to loud psychic noise. Is invariably disappointed when she finds out the psychic connection makes a better lunch than friend. Implausible, full of holes? Yes. Do I care? Hell no.

    Color scheme - Black, bright yellow, with snakebite leather and graveyard earth tones.

    Army Lists: Still experimenting.

    W-L-D: 8-8-3

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