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Thread: Ork Fun MVP's

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    LO Zealot greggles's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    Ork Fun MVP's

    Thought I'd make a little thread up for the fun ork MVP's. Unit's that did something amazing, when they shouldn't have been able to do anything.

    I'll mention two to get started.

    Last game, orks/IG/SM vs necron/eldar/nids.

    A doom of malthaw (or something to that effect), is absolutely WRECKING my SM ally. He ends up with TEN wounds (LEFT, max wounds on model), after wiping out a few hundred points of space marines.

    A single lone warbuggy zooms up, fires a single rokkit, hits, wounds...and then the doom of malthaw fails his invul 3+ save, and is instantly killed (T4), losing all 10 wounds!

    A few games ago. A unit of loota's I have in the backfield is utterly decimated by ranged fire, leaving a single lone loota, that somehow makes his leadership. With only 1 loota left, no one bothers with finishing him off. The entire group of 10 loota's only got to fire as a whole once, and rolled a 1 for shots. They do no appreciable damage.

    The remaining lone loota...rolled a 5 or 6 for his number of shots the REST OF THE GAME.

    His final kill tally.

    Finished off a trygon
    Blew up a razorback
    destroyed the TL Lasguns on a predator

    I've since decided, that as a new rule, anytime one of my units goes above and beyond the call of duty, that I'm going to paint his weapon special .

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    LO Zealot Rafici's Avatar
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    May 2009
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    On sat i played a few games including Orks + IG (600 each) vs Nids (1200)
    then Orks (1200) vs Elder + nids (600 each)
    and finally SW + Orks (900 each) vs IG + ELDer + Nids (600 each)

    Although all of my units performed well and i won all three games easily (not bad since i never had first turn) it was one unit that made a massive difference in all 3 games
    Kommandos - 11 normal, 2 burnas + nob with PK+ BP.
    they were very deadly in the third game where it took the game at the end of the enimies 4th turn from it looking like we at best had a chance of a draw (at best) to an all out victory when they came on the other side of the board from where most of our remain army was and multi assulting 3 shooty units from the IG and elder killing 2 and staying looked in combat with an elder unit that wouldn't hurt them next turn + the kommandos were now holding the objective. We didn't have time for a turn 5 but had it continued all of the kommandos would have turned of the elder unit in their turn (staying safe as it was locked in combat) and then it would have wipped out the remain stuff that side of the board in our turn.

    Deff koopas have also performed very well for me in the first 2 games with 2 of them killing 2 zenothorpes in turn one must to the other players anoyance when i reminded him its instant death.

    The deffkoopas do gread against an IG gun line as they tend to do a wound or 2 but take none meaning the other side does a LD test (failing in a number of cases and running off the board)
    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
    Apoc games (mixture of armies used): W5-D0-L1

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    Dec 2003
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    Funnest units for me- gotta put the Warp'Ead up there. Especially fun in Apoc when multiple wierdboyz are fielded. Teleportation is a blast!

    Deff Dreds are fun when they encounter stuff and rip it to shreds. Enemy vehicles and MEQ's come to mind.

    Burnas are also fun to play. Burning stuff up or powerweaponing doom, they provide a good time. Skorcha buggies can be a blast too, providing kill points are not an issue. They totally pay for themselves if no KPs, and even as a distraction from your other armor they can be useful. That little buggy can skorch entire units to death, like eldar aspects hehehe.

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    Senior Member Hive Fleet Macarbe's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    With the mind
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    Dont get me started on this bloody lucky orcs.

    My winged Hive Tyrant with twin scything talons. SHREDS EVERYTHING, in one game (Was like 5k points) It must of slaughtered a good 20-30 orc boys, he was on a roll lots of 6's was amazing. He made up 4-5x his points back Then a single squad of grechins camping on his FINAL objective. He flies in there, this 270 points monster looses 2 wounds to 5 grenchin (They just managed defeat my termaguants and were reduced in numbers) I was shattered. Like words cant describe this feeling. In my defence, Larry (my trygon) came in next turn for vegence and destroyed them to a second dimension.

    At my old GW my mate collected a massive 10k orc army. He had one unit. Whom he favored whos name echoed as death across the region... Akmhed The Grechin.

    This guy built him his own orc stompa, every game he sits it there so he can have a commanding position. He always rolls separably for Akhmed... so his opnnet can be shatered and know the enemy, One game ( I KID YOU NOT) Took down Smurf chapter master. I was splitting mysides laughing, this poor marine player was in shock. I took him on next game. I was eager to shred this monster. I was wrong. Took out the last wound on my tervigon and my tyranid prime. This thing is so lucky. I got a picture of him somewhere. He must have like a mountain of greenstuff on him, he has been drenched in markings. Form small engravings of trygons, terminators and all the feats he has done. He wears like a indian chief hat and has his smoking a cigar, he has magnetised many bases for him, such as a dead trygon and a crumpled ekdar avatar and picsk him up adn rests him there. Whenever I walk in he pulls out the Trygon base to make me remember. But man he plays a good game. must find this picture. But this thing it scary.

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