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    The can opener technique :D

    I have been using a preety cool / cheap way of getting rid of alot of nasty stuff during my apoc / normal matches lately that i thought id share with the world
    I have 10 scrabs swarms with dis rup fields and then my destroyer lord with warsythe and sometimes res orb if i can aford it points wise
    It managed to take out 3 baneblades and half of a reavers structure points in one match (which highly pissed off the imperium side i might add)
    So if there is anything im doing wrong with this or if anyone has any tips to improve this awsome squad choice for apoc battles please say so bellow in a reply

    P.S : im going to have a rematch against the guy tommorow at an organised 20k apoc game that is taking place in this like church centre thingy so yeah any tips before then might help

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    In addition to Warscythe give your destroyer lord a Gaze of Flame and Solar Flare. They are very cheap points-wise, but will keep this tank-buster squad alive considerably longer than usual.
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    I do the same thing when fighting against tank heavy IG in normal games
    Yes, I did deep-strike your sister...
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