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    Defeating Deathwing, MEQ, and TEQ

    After my horrendous defeat (1500 Tau Empire at my first tournament!) at the hands of the Deathwing, I've been thinking alot about how to beat MEQ and TEQ with the Tau. Most of our weapons are AP 4 or higher, with just the railgun, fusion blaster, rail rifle, ion cannon, and plasma rifle below this.

    Of these weapons, the fusion blaster is usually not taken in numbers enough for it to do much, due to it being so short ranged and generally only being taken on piranhas.
    The Railgun's submunition round on hammerheads is AP 4, and is once again not taken in enough numbers to do enough damage.
    The rail rifle is generally shunned, as it only comes on sniper drones, which take up a valuable HQ choice, and on pathfinders, who are mainly used for their markerlights to begin with.

    This leaves us with the Ion Cannon and Plasma Rifle. The Ion Cannon is chosen at times when we need to specifically take out MEQ, but is not very effective against TEQ, as it is only AP3. So our only weapon that we can take in bulk is the Plasma Rifle.

    The Plasma Rifle is all around goodness, with good strength and great AP. The only problem is, having to be within 12 inches to get 2 shots, and even then, on regular battlesuits, it is still rather inaccurate without markerlight support.

    I've been thinking about running some Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle/Flamer suits to complement my Twin-linked Missile Pod/Flamer Battlesuits. This way, they can act independently of markerlight support. I've had great luck with TL weaponry in the past, so I think this is a rather viable option. What do you guys think? Are TL Plasma Rifles the way to go if facing Deathwing? I know that they can opperate without markerlights, allowing you to use your markerlights to reduce other things, but what does everyone else think? Are TL Plasma Rifles the must have Deathwing slayer, or are they not as good as fireknife and/or other XV8 builds for taking on Deathwing? I'm mainly thinking of without marker light support, since Deathwing will probably be able to kill pathfinders relatively easily, and you will probably need the marker lights for other squads/coversaves/leadership anyways against all those termies. What do you think is the best way to beat Deathwing?

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    These are just unit configuration suggestions;

    *XV88+TLRG+TLPR+TA=90/model: twinlinked RG and PR at BS4 should take out quite a bit, but comes with a hefty price-tag (add SD's for inv saves if need be)

    *H1=railhead, H2=sniper team(x3), XV88: this gives you between 2-4railguns (1-3 are TL'd) and you get 9 total ap3 shots at BS3(more if ML's hit)
    not a very good setup as you have 1 less hammerhead at the ready but you have greater anti MEQ stopping power with 3 units of sniper teams due to the 3 for 1 heavy slot sniper team rule.

    Other than the Fireknife setup that's some of the best options I can think of at this time. Strategy wise, everyone here is well aware of how to block and stall fast armies so no sense in being redundant.

    Hope this helps

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    Build your list properly. As in overall. As outlined in this recent post.

    Terminators fall just by making them make as many armour saves as possible. Just like any other unit. But your army must be built to prevent terminators from getting to you until you've had plenty of opportunity to kill them dead with overwhelming firepower.
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